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Summer of excellent ROIs: A guide for FMCG brands to make a splash with seasonal campaigns

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FMCG brands across categories see a rise in sales during the summer months. Fuelled by the demand for packaged products, FMCG companies are optimistic to see about 20% growth* this year. The demand for FMCG products will increase significantly next quarter, along with the options available to consumers. As legacy names expand their range of products and the number of D2C players rises, brands across categories must fight it out to retain top-of-mind recall.

Be it an awareness campaign or one that encourages Bharat & young India to make an impulsive purchase, brands will need to be summer-ready with strategies that aid objectives across the funnel. Read on for some learnings that FMCG brands can use to create soothing and impactful summer campaigns with ShareChat & Moj.

Make harsh summer days virtually easy to navigate

Summer is an excruciating time in many parts of the country. People sweat and toil under the harsh sun, looking for any respite they can find. FMCG brands, especially in categories like beverages, ice creams & frozen desserts, and personal care, can leverage interactive campaigns to position their products as the perfect solution. Brands can engage audiences while demonstrating the use-case scenarios and benefits of their products, in sync with the issues faced by consumers. The approach will allow brands to let consumers know they care, increasing awareness and favourability.

Dettol did this by leveraging a mix of an interactive lens, a music anthem and influencer activation to garner 10 Bn+ views for #ShowerCooler on Moj. Showcasing product usage, Dettol reiterated it's an essential part of Bharat’s summers. The campaign allowed the brand to make summers virtually easy to navigate for Bharat.

Elevate seasonal campaigns with #FestiveFeeling

There is an inherent joy in the air when festivals are around. People look forward to spending time with their loved ones and shopping to their heart’s content. Brands stand to make significant gains by participating in these conversations and leveraging the positive festive sentiments for a seasonal campaign.

Fanta did this beautifully with #YeHoliFantaWali campaign, garnering over 28 Mn engagement on Moj. The brand encouraged young India to participate in virtual celebrations and create fun content with the Fanta Lens. Exclusively created by Moj, the interactive lens gave the brand a chance to make the most of the summer festivities.

Celebrated with great enthusiasm on ShareChat & Moj, some of the most prominent Summer festivals include Holi, Gudi Padwa, Easter, Baisakhi and Eid-ul-Fitr. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day celebrations would also be excellent opportunities for brands to join the conversations Bharat & young India care about. The string of festivities will continue far beyond Summer and continue through the second half of the year.

Drive short-form video campaigns with regional influencers

Contextualising a campaign according to the cultural nuances and specific needs of the people residing in target markets is an essential task for brands. Partnering with the right creators, brands can do this hassle-free, especially for campaigns that require brand advocacy.

While trying to bust the myths around body washes in the West Bengal market, Vivel took this route on ShareChat. Led by Bengali creators, the campaign garnered 6.7 Mn video views with a VTR rate of over 69%. The credibility and popularity of regional creators made it a successful campaign for Vivel, enabling the drive higher resonance in the target geography.

Swaying Bharat & young India your brand’s way

To ensure success across campaign metrics, brands must include the following ad formats in their strategy this summer.

ShareChat Studio Ads: An end-to-end solution, ShareChat Studio Ads allows brands to create hyper-contextualised ads in Indic languages. Featuring actors, these ads are mobile-first and native to ShareChat and Moj apps. They are capable of facilitating brands in driving 3x higher engagement.

Hashtag Challenge (HTC): Brands can leverage an exclusively crafted Hashtag Challenge, in combination with Interactive Lenses and Influencer Activation, to reach young India effectively on Moj. The format taps into young India’s inherent need for consuming and creating content, generating significant UGC for the brand.

In-Feed Video Ad with Pop-Out Sticker: With In-Feed Video Ad, brands can achieve high visibility for their campaign on Moj. Powered with Pop-Out Sticker, brands can drive a high CTR, directing users to specific landing pages. The format allows brands to tell their stories seamlessly, reaching relevant audiences with precise targeting.

As temperatures across the country swell, FMCG brands are all set with the much-needed cooling ripple effects. With in-depth insights, a robust creator network, innovative ad solutions and precise targeting capabilities, ShareChat & Moj can facilitate brands in achieving their varied campaign objectives with ease — delivering the respite Bharat & young India need.

*Data source: Financial Express

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