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Dettol on Moj

Leveraging a mix of interactive lens, a music anthem and influencer activation on Moj to create engagement for Dettol

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Campaign Objective

In an effort to offer a cool respite amidst the heatwave that gripped the country, Dettol wanted to launch a light-hearted moment marketing campaign that thoroughly engaged audiences at large. The objective was to design a campaign that owned the sentiment and offered an escape from the excruciating heat in a fun and virality-oriented setup.

About the Brand

Dettol is a cleaning supply, disinfectant and antiseptics brand, owned by Reckitt. A household name in India, the brand was introduced in 1932 with products ranging from everyday home sanitisation supplies to personal hygiene products.

Brand's Ask

The brand wanted to leverage moment marketing in its strategy to drive a fun and engaging campaign that offered audiences a brief comical respite while enduring the scorching heat. The objective was to create a campaign for the summer that owned the users’ sentiment of the season and offered an escape from the stifling heat, while also being fun and viral. The brand collaborated with Moj to devise an engagement-driven campaign using highly interactive ad formats to serve this purpose. Given the growing popularity and influence of the creator ecosystem, the brand also wanted to tap into Moj’s 5+ crore strong influencer community and create fun-filled interactions among their core audiences.

Our Solution

Moj offered a three-fold solution to meet the brand’s ask. In order to drive engagement and improve user interaction at scale, Moj crafted a custom #ShowerCooler challenge with an interactive branded lens that seeded the correlation between cool showers and Dettol. The animated AI-driven lens was sprinkled with moving elements, showcasing a thermometer transitioning from hot to cold - thereby bringing a cooling effect to the user’s experience. In addition, Moj also created a catchy jingle - Thande Ka Mazza, to hold the attention of its users and own their sentiment to kickstart the brand’s campaign activity. Moj further amplified the campaign by activating its influencer and creator community in boosting the engagement level and creating ample buzz around Dettol’s #ShowerCooler challenge.


Brand Achievement

A brand lift study by Nielsen revealed a 33% increase in the brand recommendation, a 33% increase in purchase intention and 8/10 respondents associated the ad with Dettol.

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