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Busting Myths and Breaking Barriers with Creator Ads for Vivel

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Campaign Objective

Vivel, a leading ITC brand, aims to break popular myths around Body Washes. Although a widely used product, body washes are extremely under-penetrated in the Indian market due to the myths surrounding their adoption and usage. Vivel wanted to digitally reach out to young Indians and drive awareness, bust myths, and break barriers by promoting product trials.

About the Brand

Vivel Neem Oil & Aloe Vera body wash provides soft and supple skin, with an added layer of protection from environmental pollutants and germs. The goodness of neem oil & aloe vera promotes healthy skin by cleansing pollution-related dirt and offering 99.9% germ protection. The core strategy to make this product popular was to spread awareness by breaking the myths associated with this category. Vivel wanted to pack a punch into the digital space by helping audiences discover the great benefits of its product, such as its product formulation, price point, communication, pack sizes, and user experience.

Brand's Ask

Body washes are often categorized as a luxury item in India. There has not been much headway in driving penetration and breaking open this category from a growth perspective. Vivel wanted to reach out to its audience with a strong campaign to break this stereotype. The effort of this campaign was to get maximum customers to question the myths surrounding this category, and subsequently, break them with product trials.

Our Solution

To fulfill the brand’s objective for generating awareness, Sharechat engaged the creator ecosystem to help the brand curate engaging content. This campaign was run in Bengali and helped the respective community discover the brand benefits and subsequently spread awareness to others. In addition to this, interactive web cards were also designed to engage with the audience and drive click-through rates. Top Bangla creators from the ShareChat creator community were engaged to generate educational and original content to break the stereotype around Body washes. The common misconception is that body washes require higher utilization of water and it is a time-consuming process. Many consumers also consider Loofah to be a mandatory accessory, which in hindsight, could be an expensive product. Adding onto this is the misconception that body washes can only be enjoyed under the shower, as opposed to the commonly adopted bathing methods among Indians. To address the above-mentioned myths, creator videos were made with the intent to educate the audience and help break myths around the adoption of body washes. The videos highlighted the product as a quick wash formulation, made from a high foaming formula that can be enjoyed even in traditional Indian bathing methods. Overall, the product is priced economically, at just Rs. 40 for 100 ml. Further, a coin size of the product is sufficient for a great bathing experience. The overall benefit that was pitched to the user included - Every drop is fresh, untouched, and completely hygienic.


Brand Achievement

The entire campaign was designed to increase brand awareness, engagement, and increase click-through rate via creator videos. The Vivel Campaign delivered the desired results and was perceived well among its audience. The combination of the creator-content approach along with interactive web cards worked remarkably in favor of Vivel. This not helped boost brand consideration among their target audience, but also increased engagement multi-folds.

Words of Praise

It was interesting to engage with the ShareChat community. The creator videos enabled a direct connection to enhance the campaign's objective to engage in a conversation to bust category myths and encourage trials. Given that a huge set of creators have come up in the last few months, this was equivalent to channelizing their thought to deliver a specific message. The comprehension of the brand brief and the precision of delivery is commendable. Jaikishin Chhaproo, ITC spokesperson

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