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Driving Brand Loyalty by delivering Holi Happiness with AR Powered Lenses.

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Campaign Objective

The onset of spring-summer brings the consumption of soft drinks to its peak. Fanta wanted to increase their brand recall to remind users about their favorite orange-based cola drink. Their main aim was to reach out to the younger Indian audience digitally and drive awareness around the festive time of Holi.

About the Brand

Bright, bubbly, and popular - Fanta is the soft drink that intensifies fun. Introduced in 1940, Fanta is the second oldest brand of the Coca-Cola Company. According to the company, Fanta is much more than a beloved fruit-flavored sparkling brand. It’s truly “a thing”. They owe their popularity to a hyper-connected legion of fans, who take to social media to channel their creativity, originality, and passion for self-expression.

Brand's Ask

Fanta’s positioning statement as an orange-flavored soda for young consumers synchronizes with their target audience as they seek humor and fun in their consumption experience. The brand is evolving its traditional advertising with next-generation technology. Leveraging the hype around the festival of Holi, Fanta aimed to build a strong consumer association to their brand with FUN and frolic. Brand collaboration with MOJ and Sharechat aimed to increase its reach and engagement by building a connection with the new digitally engaged users via creator video content and power of self-expression.

Our Solution

To fulfill the brand’s objective, a full-throttle campaign was launched on MOJ to drive user engagement and participation in the hashtag challenge using the Fanta Lens. 30 top creators from the MOJ creator community were engaged to generate fun and original content using the Special Fanta Lens. Over 100k UGC videos were created using the hashtag #YeHoliFantaWali. This hashtag was pinned to the top as it aided in making the UGC content discoverable. The entire campaign was designed to increase brand engagement and conversations via content creation. The campaign commenced with the launch of augmented reality (AR) powered Fanta Lens on the occasion of Holi to generate fun and original content. The hashtag was used as a first-pinned post, which made the content discoverable as it featured on the top of the hashtag list for 3 days.


Brand Achievement

The Fanta campaign overachieved its set targets by miles. While the target number of views was 15 crore, the outcome was upwards of 60 crore. The combination of AR lens video and content-first approach worked remarkably in favour of Fanta, making the campaign the most successful in terms of creative engagement, cross-platform promotion, and brand amplification during Holi on MOJ and Sharechat. The usage of regional languages helped in community reach, increasing the brand outreach to active user communities via original video content, Augmented Reality (AR) powered lens, and creative social extensions with youth-focused media platforms - MOJ and ShareChat.

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