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Moj: Micro-Influencers & Content In Regional Languages To Be The Next Big Thing

In 2022, 1.2 crore monthly active creators created over 75 crore videos on Moj

22 December 2022

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‘Partnering with language-first influencers or creators can give a brand an edge’

Udit Sharma, Chief Revenue Officer, ShareChat & Moj, shares insights on influencer marketing and its direct impact on D2C brands

21 December 2022

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ShareChat Partners With Httpool To Expand Its Self-Serve Ads Platform

Httpool will support ShareChat’s self-serve ads platform, ShareChat Ads, in reaching mid-market and SMB companies across India.

28 November 2022

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ShareChat’s Virtual Gifting Feature Generates $50 Million Annually

The local language social media network, owned by Mohalla Tech, has over 180 million monthly active users in the country. It launched the in-app virtual gifting feature in September 2020 as one of the various revenue models that the company aimed to monetise.

7 October 2022

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Social Media Is The Biggest Purchase Influencer During Festivals: Report

Social media platform ShareChat has released a report capturing the interests and spending pattern of Bharat for the festive season.

30 September 2022

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Personalisation Powered By AI Is The Mainstay Of Social Media 2.0

AI in social media is projected to grow from $633 million in 2018 to more than $2.1 billion by 2023.

9 September 2022

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Social 2.0 Paving The Path For A Robust Creator Ecosystem

With time, social media users have become more aware of the cost of using free and open social media platforms. Not wanting their data shared, user sought greater transparency and data privacy. This culminated in Social 2.0, where privacy has become a primary focus.

5 September 2022

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