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e4m Video Story: We already work with top 200 advertisers, now expanding base to next 2,000: Udit Sharma

In an exclusive chat with e4m, ShareChat CRO Udit Sharma shares a glimpse of the platform’s business strategy, revenue growth and expansion plans

3 May 2023

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“Medium and small-sized businesses are also advertising on Moj and not just big brands”: Gaurav Jain, Head of Emerging Business, ShareChat and Moj

Gaurav Jain, Head of Emerging Business, ShareChat and Moj speaks to MI in an exclusive interaction. Fascinated by technology, Gaurav opens up about the short video content industry and its growth since the pandemic. He also tells us about the creator economy on both social platforms, ShareChat and Moj.

17 April 2023

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Mountain Dew's 'conquer with courage' campaign breaks record on MOJ

As part of the initiative, Mountain Dew® partnered with Moj, India's largest short video app, for its 'Conquer with Courage' campaign, which promotes the brand's legendary #DarrKeAageJeetHai philosophy

17 April 2023

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ShareChat launches certification programme for marketers, advertisers

The initiative, according to the company, is part of its efforts to help brands penetrate the "uncharted" Bharat and young India audiences, particularly Generation Z and millennials.

24 February 2023

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Interview | Focus is on profitability, growth at all costs never sustainable: ShareChat CEO

The Bengaluru-based firm, backed by Twitter and Snap Inc, has cut its cash burn down by a third compared to the same time last year, ShareChat founder and CEO Ankush Sachdeva told ET.

23 February 2023

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Moj: Micro-Influencers & Content In Regional Languages To Be The Next Big Thing

In 2022, 1.2 crore monthly active creators created over 75 crore videos on Moj

22 December 2022

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‘Partnering with language-first influencers or creators can give a brand an edge’

Udit Sharma, Chief Revenue Officer, ShareChat & Moj, shares insights on influencer marketing and its direct impact on D2C brands

21 December 2022

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