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Decoding The Role Of Creators In Marketing Strategies

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Every time a user scrolls through the internet, they are exposed to a variety of content, tailored-made for them. Preferences and choices play a crucial role in the process, empowering them to create communities for support, advice and solidarity. At the focal point of such interest-based interactions are creators who know how to engage the audience.

Primarily, creators entertain and educate their followers, playing the role of influencers in their networks. Brands have every reason to love them — leading to a flourishing creator economy, especially in Indic language-first ecosystems.

Business of Influence

The creator economy consists of three key stakeholders: Brands, consumers and creators.

Creators hold the megaphone with easy access to potential customers. There is a trust-based resonance in these one-to-many relationships.

Brands tap into these to forge relevant connections to create powerful branded experiences that engage audiences and turn them into consumers.

It leads creators to become key allies for brands, one that must always have in their court. It could be the launch of a new product or an advocacy campaign with high stakes — brands can always rely on the powers of the creators to make things go in their favour.

With creators, brands can amplify the same message in different ways to different people, enabling beautiful execution and results.

The creator's role goes beyond sharing experiences, reviewing products, or suggesting their favourites. They bind together like-minded communities. Brands stand to benefit from it, especially if they are trying to launch a product or increase positive sentiments.

Creators are changing the marketing landscape. Moj is at the forefront of this evolution, facilitating brands in leveraging their reach and authenticity to achieve campaign goals. Most brands are moving with the flow, reshaping their brand strategies on the go.

Extending the Legacy

Emami Navratna Hair oil's 'Thanda Thanda Cool Cool' positioning has helped the brand, over the years, painstakingly establish the product as the go-to option to beat the excruciating summer heat. To make the communication relevant to today's young India, the brand had to step up its game by leveraging 100+ Moj creators.

The brand relied on the #NavratnaCoolChampi challenges to make inroads into the minds and hearts of its consumers. With Moj, the brand extended the popular jingle campaign featuring Salman Khan with a strategic short-video component.

It led them to witness a 60% increase in brand awareness and a 36% increase in purchase intention, a brand lift study by Nielsen revealed.

Tunes, Moves & Groove

Offering a cool respite of a narrative amidst the heatwaves gripping the country, Dettol wanted to leverage the powers of music and dance to increase brand recall and preference. The brand chose a creator-led approach to combine the tunes and grooves with the potential of virality and fun.

The #ShowerCooler campaign included the best of Moj — an interactive lens, custom hashtag challenge, exclusive jingle and the creator network. It helped the brand take the entertainment route to engage with its consumers.

A brand lift study by Nielsen assessing the campaign revealed a 33% increase in brand recommendation and a 33% increase in purchase intention for Dettol.

Creator economy for the win

Moj has a boast-worthy robust creator community of 5+ Crore and 30+ Crore monthly active users. Users spend an average of 34 minutes each day consuming and creating short-form videos on the platform.

It is lucrative for brands to be present on the platform and leverage the varied ad formats on Moj to reach their target consumers.

From driving sales to building brand affinity, Moj creators are a must-have for brands to include in their marketing strategies. They get the authentic reach and engagement that brands need to hit the bull's eye with their campaigns.

It's prudent for brands to leverage creators and become active participants in the lucrative creator economy as the marketing landscape changes. We are here to help if you are looking to get started. Contact us today!

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