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Emami Navratna Hair Oil on Moj

Leveraging Hashtag Challenge With Influencer Activation for #NavratnaCoolChampi on Moj

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Campaign Objective

The 'Thanda Thanda Cool Cool' brand, Emami Navratna Hair oil, wanted to establish itself as the go-to-product to beat the excruciating summer heat through a social media campaign. The goal was to thoroughly engage the audiences at large through an influencer-led marketing campaign.

About the Brand

Emami Limited is one of the major skin and health care FMCG companies in India, founded in 1974. Its brand, Navratna, has been the most trusted and preferred brand in the therapeutic cooling oil segment. It is known to provide relief from daily mental and physical stress like headache, fatigue and tension.

Brand's Ask

Navratna wanted to drive a fun campaign that engaged audiences at large. To achieve this, the brand collaborated with Moj to tap into the 50 Mn+ strong creator community to drive engagement and to create fun-filled interactions among their core audiences.

Our Solution

To drive engagement amongst its core audience, Moj crafted a custom #NavratnaCoolChampi challenge. The hashtag was combined with a unique interactive lens that established a correlation between therapeutic cooling and Navratna Hair Oil. The lens was combined with the Navratna jingle featuring Bollywood actor, Salman Khan. Over 100 influencers were roped in for this challenge to encourage user generated content by tapping into the 5 Cr+ creator community on Moj. Moj further amplified the campaign by activating the Carousel Banner and Explore Ranking section to feature the hashtag challenge at the top of the screen to enhance content discoverability.


Brand Achievement

A brand lift study by Nielsen revealed 60% increase in the brand awareness, 36% increase in purchase intention and 95% respondents associated the ad with Navratna Hair Oil.

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