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Young India & short-form videos: How can brands make the most of this dynamic duo?

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Deep dive into the intrinsic qualities of short-form videos that have a pull on young India

Young India is a voracious content consumer. Aged between 18 and 34 years, these internet users go the distance on their scrolls, seeking instant gratification on short-form video platforms like Moj.

Quick to create and easy to consume, short-form videos act as young India's window to the world. They help fulfil young India’s desire for entertainment, information and digital communities. Speed remains one of the most important overarching themes in young India's reasons to consume short-form videos.

Wanting everything right here, right now, young India is a prime demographic for creators and brands to engage ​​using short-form videos. Creators have an excellent understanding of the likes and dislikes of their audiences, which further adds to the attraction of short-form videos for young India.

The intrinsic need to connect with creators they love is another crucial reason for young India’s consumption of short-form videos, indicates Moj’s recently released report, Getting Young India Right.

The report further unravels several crucial insights into what makes young India double tap on short-form videos. Here are some highlights.

Quick updates on the latest trends

Young India likes to know about things around the world as they happen. Short-form videos make it possible effortlessly. Easy to make and share, they disseminate information within minutes. It creates waves of moments that help young India stay up-to-date with popular sentiments, events and trends in real-time.

Brands Tune In: Marketers must include topical content in their digital marketing strategy. It will help them become a part of the popular conversations in the online sphere at any time, making them relevant to young India.

Availability of information in concise form

Always in a hurry, young India seeks information in tiny slices without compromising quality. Short-form video creators are well-versed in this way of life. They produce content with a high potential to catch the gaze of young India.

Brands Tune In: By keeping it to the point, brands can make better headway in reaching young India through social media. It is especially true for brands launching a product or sustaining an advocacy campaign.

More content to consume in less time

Young India zooms past short-form videos, halting for only those it finds truly gripping. Transitions, textual elements, a pinch of drama, sing-songs, hashtag challenges and lenses are excellent tools to create engagement-worthy content.

Brands Tune In: on social media, if the brand message is not concise or doesn't add value to young India's day, it will zoom past it. Brand messaging can only engage audiences if marketers package it in a layer of entertainment and wrap it up quickly.

Endless content creation by favourite creators

Young India comes to Moj for content but stays for its favourite creators and influencers. Creators bring together like-minded users to form digital communities. They also nudge young India to participate in fun and trending challenges, adding to the user-generated content around a campaign.

Brands Tune In: Tapping into Moj's creator network, brands can drive successful campaigns and take their digital marketing game to the next level. Upon selecting relevant influencers, brands find themselves some of the best people to facilitate brand advocacy among young India.

Relatable content to explore across genres

Young India seeks content in sync with its worldview, ever-ready to expand it beyond the horizons in sight. When the content feels relatable, young India tends to up its consumption and consequently, its engagement levels.

Brands Tune In: Brands must listen to social chatter about topics of importance for young India. If brand messaging mirrors its sentiments and reflects an understanding of what young India wants, it will drive high engagement.

The Moj Benefit

The scale of content consumption by over 300 Mn monthly active users gives Moj unparalleled insights into the consumption of short-form videos.

85% of this audience is young India, making Moj an absolute must-have for brands looking to target and engage the demographic. Innovative and highly customisable ad formats make the task a piece of cake!

Industry estimates say that by 2025, 3 in 4 internet users* will be spending almost an hour per day on short-form video platforms. Young India on Moj is already halfway there by spending an average of 34 minutes on the platform daily.

Moj recently dissected these patterns in a report for marketers, Getting Young India Right. Download it here.

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