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Getting Young India Right

Lights. Camera. Moj!

Getting Young India Right is a report that will enable marketers to unlock the influence of short-form videos. Unravelling young India's content preferences and purchasing power, the report contains insights to help brands build impactful campaigns.


Meet and greet with young India

Young India refers to internet users aged between 18 and 34 years, making up 85% of Moj users. They spend about 34 minutes each day on Moj, consuming content non-stop.


365 Days of Moj creators: Love & Other Reasons


Young India's love for short-form videos:

  • 77% of young India spends time watching short-form video content
  • 38% of young India consumes short-form videos to get updates on the latest trends
  • 42% of young India follows creators if it has an affinity for their content

Unique insights into content consumption patterns of young India


Strategies to leverage short-form videos to drive engagement


Success stories where brands aced it with short-form videos

boost your business sales.

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