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Why ShareChat TV Is Essential To Your Language-First Outreach Strategy?

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There has been a remarkable surge in online video consumption, with an average viewer spending 100 minutes watching videos daily[1]. While the nature of the content they consume varies, at least 93% of businesses gain new customers as a direct result of posting branded video content on social media.[2] These numbers speak volumes for brands that are looking for innovative ways to position their content to the right audiences.

Video content strengthens a brands’ message and leads to impactful storytelling. With an exponential increase in online video content consumption, it is not surprising that 86%[3] marketers are already leveraging video as a primary marketing tool. To continue empowering these brands and marketers with innovative marketing solutions that effectively reach Bharat audiences, ShareChat launched, ShareChat TV.

What is ShareChat TV?

Over the years, ShareChat has made massive strides, not just in acquiring new users, but also in technology and innovation. Keeping pace with the ever-evolving consumer needs, ShareChat has made sure to cater to Bharat in real-time.

The newest offering - ShareChat TV, is home to high quality videos by ShareChat’s creators and country’s leading content publishers across various categories such as entertainment, news, health & fitness, cooking, comedy, information and more. Since its launch, the platform has garnered over 10 crore average weekly video plays for content with a duration greater than 2 minutes and up to 15 minutes across 6 languages.

With increased digital connectivity and the growing adoption of smartphones among language-first users, ShareChat TV has garnered viewership from across the country. Currently, ShareChat TV’s viewers are tuning in from Tier 1 (12.5%), Tier 2 (32.5%) and Tier 3 (55%) regions.

Viewership split of ShareChat TV

This rapid growth of ShareChat TV's video-viewing audience and the time spent on long form video content, makes it a must-have platform for brands looking to reach an engaged audience.

How does ShareChat TV benefit brands?

Brands are on a continuous lookout for engaging and impactful mediums to narrate their brand stories and drive higher traction. Creators, due to their relatability and authenticity, enjoy a highly engaged audience. With ShareChat TV, brands will be able to showcase their message through in-stream ads in the creator videos. ShareChat’s booming creator community of over 3.2 Cr creators along with a growing pool of publishers will ensure accessibility to relevant audiences at scale.

The advanced AI and Machine Learning capabilities of ShareChat generates recommendations for its users keeping in mind their choices and preferences. This leads to active engagement and higher time-spent on content. For brands it means that they can target audiences in a controlled manner..

The algorithm for in-stream ads is targeted to help increase relevance and engagement. For example: An ad for a fitness brand would be streamed within a fitness video and for a beauty brand would be streamed within a grooming and beauty video. This leads to a highly contextual placement of brand message, thereby increasing the likelihood of the ad being watched to completion and higher view through rates.

In addition to in-stream ads, brands can also opt for the click through option, an interactive overlay that appears over an ad, encouraging the viewer to visit the brand’s website or social media page to achieve the lower funnel marketing objective.

Click through option of ‘Order Now’

ShareChat continues to work towards combining its in-depth understanding of content and engagement preferences of Bharat with its product expertise and creator ecosystem to offer solutions that enable brands to effectively tap into Bharat.

How brands have leveraged ShareChat TV for their campaigns?

For its recent awareness campaign, KFC wanted to promote their Wednesday Offer and Popcorn Nachos among Tier 1 and Tier 2 audiences using language-first communication. Leveraging its long-standing partnership and collaboration with ShareChat, the fast-food chain brand utilised ShareChat TV in its marketing efforts. ShareChat TV further enabled KFC to amplify the visibility of their campaigns among region-specific audiences. This was done through targeted positioning of their language-focused ads within the content of relevant language-first creators.

Both campaigns performed exceedingly well and the brand achieved its overall objective garnering:

Impressions: 66 Lakh

Views: 55 Lakh

VTR (6-sec): 83%

Read more about the Success Story of KFC’s campaign HERE


ShareChat TV’s viewership continues to grow at a fast pace - reaching 320 crore views within 3 quarters of its launch. By leveraging ShareChat TV in their marketing campaigns, brands can craft meaningful and relevant video content in collaboration with creators to reach the region and language-specific audiences effortlessly.

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