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Maximising Customer Lifetime Value: The Power of a Strong Digital Community for Consumer Durable Brands

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Consumer durables like air conditioners, refrigerators and televisions can easily last a decade in an Indian household. Brands know that if their promises of a good product are true, the consumer won’t likely return soon for another purchase. They may, however, buy other products from the brand because of the earlier experience, proven quality and trust in the brand. Kids growing up in the household will likely buy from the same brand when they attain purchasing power. Maximising the customer's lifetime value is a priority for consumer durables brands, and building digital communities is an essential part of the process.

Building a community reduces the feeling that all the communication coming a consumer's way is a sales pitch. Brands get a chance to go beyond broadcasting information that's functional. A digital community acts as a space for consumers to come together and connect over shared interests or values.

Brands subtly drive conversations in these forums from time to time but it's the consumers who are the heart of it all. Their interactions, experiences and passions string together a narrative that brands ultimately benefit from.

Given the long shelf life, white goods usually need robust after-sales service. Having a digital community to fall back on helps consumers know they aren’t alone. These communities help consumers debug problems faster and discover hacks around care and maintenance. Add to it the feeling of being cared for by the brand, and the negative experience becomes an easily forgettable and forgivable error. At this point, they are not just consumers but brand loyalists.

Driving authentic conversations

Since these digital communities are rooted in personal experiences, conversations are best had in consumers’ preferred Indic languages. That’s where ShareChat makes it easier for brands to connect with their target consumers.

Consumers can express themselves more freely and connect with people with similar backgrounds. In some cases, they are also likely living in the same geographies and having the same lived experiences.

Users on ShareChat have a strong sense of belongingness as a community. They like communicating with each other in their preferred languages. The opinions shared are honest and helpful. The connections are authentic and long-lasting.

Consumers depend on each other for advice about products, alternate use-case scenarios, how to use them more efficiently and the best ways to save on repair costs. The resulting digital communities help drive purchase intent, awareness, top-of-mind recall, brand loyalty and advocacy.

Brands can leverage these positive sentiments and pivot the attention towards their new launches and campaign messaging.

Craft exclusive narratives in preferred languages

Users on ShareChat have an affinity for live interactions and mobile native content. The level of interest and engagement is higher for these formats. Brands can tap into ShareChat Chatrooms and ShareChat TV to leverage the positive sentiments of users to drive sustained conversations around their products.

These ShareChat ad innovations help brands drive live audio-led conversations and exclusively crafted video-led narratives in preferred Indic languages.

For example, a brand selling mixer grinders can promote recipes where the product is a must-have in a ShareChat Chatrooms session spearheaded by a celebrity chef. The discussed recipes can then be disseminated via ShareChat TV in exclusively crafted mobile-first native videos featuring relevant creators. These videos would have a CTA, taking the user to the product’s landing page for purchase.

Further, the product can be promoted using high-impact ad formats like Top View and In-Feed Video Ads. These would allow the brand to amplify the product significantly, reaching the intended target audiences effectively.

Never-ending opportunities for brands

Celebrations on ShareChat are not restricted to specific months of the year. It’s an ongoing sentiment with Bharat celebrating religious festivals and prominent days of the year in equal gusto. In 2022, ShareChat recorded the contribution of over 42 Mn users for Onam, pretty much the same as for Teacher’s Day. While Rakshabandhan saw over 48 Mn users, over 47 Mn users expressed their emotions on ShareChat for Friendship Day. The platform also saw comparable numbers for Lohri, Pongal, Uttarayan and Makar Sankranti (45 Mn+ users) and Valentine's Day (44 Mn+ users). In addition to major festivals, brands can also leverage such trends to drive topical conversations all year round on the platform.

Consumer durable brands are expected to drive double-digit growth* this year. Consumers looking for premium, energy-efficient and smart features will lead these purchases. A push for brand loyalty and feature-led digital strategy is thus the need of the hour. Brands can achieve high returns for such an approach by partnering with ShareChat. It will give the brands the tools they need to craft and execute impactful campaigns in Indic languages.

Powered by ShareChat’s innovative ad solutions, consumer durable brands can effectively and impactfully build strong communities this summer, letting the efforts result in an increased top-of-mind recall, sales and brand loyalty over time.

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*1. Financial Express

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