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Now Starring: Getting Young India Right — a Moj Report

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The desire for instant gratification has led to a phenomenal rise in the popularity of short-form videos. Loved by all, these videos are quick to create and easy to share. The scale of creation and consumption is so high that there is always something new and exciting in store for everyone.

Owing to the infinite demand and supply and upgrades in mobile-centric technology, the short-form video landscape is full of possibilities. Internet users aged between 18 and 34 years, also known as young India, love them the most!

Power-packed with endless on-demand entertainment, short-form videos offer a world of possibilities to young India, who never gets tired of scrolling. One of the most dynamic and vibrant generations of today, young India has a strong affinity for entertainment.

The fun and fearless young India loves ambition but also understands the importance of leisure. It takes frequent breaks on busy days to catch up on entertaining short-form videos by their favourite creators.

Young India understands the importance of saving up before a splurge just as much as it loves filling up carts with impulse purchases — making it a demographic that brands love!

With over 300 Mn monthly active users and 3 Mn video uploads each day, Moj is well-placed to lead the charge of elevating experiences for young India. The platform is broadening the horizons for creators and consumers to exchange expressions at scale in their language of choice.

Getting Young India Right is a must-have report by Moj, for marketers to decode the world of young India and unlock the influence of short-form videos. Here are some highlights:

  • 77% of young India spends time watching short-form video content
  • 38% of young India consumes short-form videos to get updates on the latest trends
  • 42% of young India follows creators if it has an affinity for their content
  • Short-form videos and social media are the top marketing channels influencing the purchase decisions of 60% of young India
  • 66% of young India uses savings to fund purchases
  • Offers and discounts influence the purchase decisions of 54% of young India

To learn more about content preferences and purchasing power of young India, download Getting Young India Right today. This must-have report contains:

  • Unique insights into content consumption patterns of young India
  • Strategies to leverage short-form videos to drive engagement
  • Success stories where brands aced it with short-form videos

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