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Moj Spotlight: Innovation in 2022

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Videos have been a part of marketing strategies for a long time. Up-and-coming social media channels have made it easier for brands to market themselves for the world to see.

With a declining attention span and the habit of scrolling through videos, short-form video marketing is paving the way for modern brands’ visibility.

63%* of businesses kickstarted video content marketing and out of that 82%* feel it is an essential part of their strategy. These businesses believe that video marketing gives them a good return on investment (ROI), which is the ultimate goal of all marketing strategies.

Moj - the next generation of short-video marketing

Made in India, Moj is a platform for brand building and marketing. From Dettol, and OnePlus, to KFC, and Amazon - Moj is used by many major brands to create engaging short-form videos that resonate with the audience.

In this process, Moj acts as a beautiful catalyst by bringing wonderful creators to work with businesses. The audience trusts the creators and gradually trust the brands the creators are promoting.

Moj houses 30 Crore+ Monthly Active Users and 5 Crore Creators, 600 Crore Video Plays per day.

Through live streaming, virtual gifting, and brand collaborations, Moj offers a variety of learning, upskilling, grooming, and monetization opportunities.

How can Moj benefit your marketing strategy?

  • Engaging, memorable content

Short-form videos possess wide scope for memorable content, shareable and engaging across social media channels. Interaction with the brands enhances this process.

The Moj Benefit: Has interactive lenses, live features which enable creators to create engaging and memorable content. Sugar Cosmetics used the fun and quirky Gamified Lens and Hashtag Challenge to generate massive awareness about their brands that got 160 crore views with 85 influencers.

  • Reaches target audience and more

With the use of audio, hashtags, and content marketing strategies, short-form videos organically reach your target audience.

The Moj Benefit: Moj Hashtag Challenges offer an unparalleled engagement rate in the industry. Brahmastra, a Star Studio production, used the Hashtag Challenge for their promotional campaigns and build fandom. Moj roped in 200 influencers from across genres belonging to different regions to create content that entertains & engages the Moj users in their preferred styles. Even the #realmefestivedays Hashtag Challenge got 37 influencers to bring more than 7 crores views using RealMe’s brand jingle.

  • Gets you a better search engine ranking

Holding the attention of visitors, short-form videos lead to a higher ranking on Search Engines Result Pages (SERPs).

The Moj Benefit: Trending Moj videos, valuable content, increasing engagements, and reviews help your business boost SERPs. Amazon miniTV campaign leveraged 53 influencers to create awareness for miniTV on the Amazon shopping app, along with its various offerings.

  • Builds a community for your business

People connect with brands and their communities by watching the engaging content they post on their channels. This community provides insights and conversions to businesses.

The Moj Benefit:Moj has a boast-worthy user base of close to 30 crores + Monthly Active Users, with 85% of the demography which is aged between 19 and 35 years. Nivea & Moj came together to explore India’s largest digital hunt for Nivea’s next fresh influencers for a period of 2 months. Whopping 930 crore views were received in this campaign throughout the time it ran.

  • Attractive and valuable content results in higher conversions

Leverage video marketing as a path to try and test engaging content. Whatever adds value generates leads and conversions.

The Moj Benefit: Moj has a convincing ecosystem of 5 Crore creators, facilitating brands to reach Indian audiences in 15 languages. Flipkart’s Billion Day Sale campaign had 100 active influencers and 123 crore views showcasing Flipkart as the desired destination for branded items this festive season.


Moj users spend an average of 34 minutes per day on the app of which 85% are GenZ and Millennials. This audience depends on expert reviews and trusted digital communities while making purchase decisions.

People like watching videos on the go and the audience gets bigger and bigger every day. Moj identifies brands preferences and provides marketing solutions to businesses by connecting influential creators to impressionable consumers.

The demand for short-form videos is set to increase in 2023, and brands can maneuver Moj as a platform to stand out against their competitors by using these short videos to extend their brand message to a wide audience.

Taking advantage of Moj's large community of verified creators and wide reach, brands must come forward and partner with Moj to create top-notch video marketing campaigns.

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