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Amazon miniTV on Moj

How Amazon miniTV reached 4.3 Crore users by leveraging a mix of Moj’s branded lenses and hashtag challenge to raise awareness.

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About the Brand

Amazon miniTV is a free video streaming service by Amazon which is a part of its shopping app. It is a one-stop destination for entertainment with content specially curated for the Indian audience.

Brand’s Objective

The aim was to create brand awareness and recall, in line with the TVC launch for Amazon miniTV and its positioning in the Amazon shopping app. Amazon also wanted to create awareness for its abundant content library by attracting user-generated content with the hashtag challenge #YoungJantaKoYahiMangta and making personalised show recommendations.

Brand’s Ask

The brand wanted to leverage Moj’s wide user base of GenZ and millennials, which is a strong match with miniTV’s target audience. They wanted to generate positive organic reach and user-generated content by using gamified lenses and engaging the audience with the #YoungJantaKoYahiMangta hashtag challenge campaign.

Our Solution

Utilizing the unique offerings of the Moj app an interactive AI-driven branded lens was custom designed to generate positive organic reach, and a dedicated space was attributed to the brand on the platform to grab users' attention. The hashtag challenge #YoungJantaKoYahiMangta, coupled with the interactive lens and catchy music, was an additional arrow from Moj’s marketing bow. The lens matched them to a relevant show based on their personality, while letting the users visually locate the placement of miniTV as part of the AI-driven lens experience. Hence, creating visual brand recall with sprinkled interactive treats. The solution was a masterstroke for the brand as it engaged and entertained the audience.


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