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How Do Short-Form Videos Contribute To Modern Marketing?

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Until the late 1960s, TV producers recorded video on huge quad tapes, about the size of refrigerators. These machines shrunk to the size of a suitcase in the 1970s, and today palm-sized smartphones can record videos on demand.

It was not only the screens that got smaller. In recent years, human attention span* has also seen a significant decline and currently stands at 8 seconds.

To attract viewers today, brands need to create visually appealing and to-the-point content. Shorter attention spans and the need for instant gratification have helped the growth of short-form videos. In the last 2.5 years*, the short-form video market has grown 12 times in time spent and 3.5 times in user base.

Creators love them too. Simply because they are so easy to make!

Short-form video platforms like Moj are crucial to maintaining the demand and supply of content. The platform makes it easy for content creators to record, edit and publish snackable content in real time without needing to spend on professional equipment. For audiences, which makes close to 30 Cr Monthly Active Users on Moj, it’s an excellent way to consume content at a breakneck speed in over 15 languages.

Often, the two worlds collide, nudging content consumers to double up as creators. The content ecosystem flourishes, deeply rooted in the desire to express and the tools to give flight to creativity.

Short-form videos & the creator economy

Short-form videos have given rise to a thriving creator economy with three key components: users, creators and advertisers. The target user base for such content and engagement primarily consists of the younger generation. 85% of GenZ and Millennials are on Moj, paving the way for making short-form videos a source of livelihood.

Monetisation models such as live streaming, in-app purchases, subscription models and video commerce support their endeavors. Brands tap into these to expand the horizons of their campaigns, leveraging a mix of paid media and organic reach.

Creators have a way of igniting intrigue in their lives, pulling in the attention of users on the platform. They share their day-to-day lives, building a relationship based on authenticity. Doing so increases their reach and relevance, creating a fertile ground for brands to spark conversations and draw in diverse viewers of their messaging.

Syncing up with brand objectives

Leveraging short-form videos in their marketing strategy helps brands generate engagement, awareness and visibility.


Short-form videos are quick to capture the audiences' attention, compelling them to halt their scroll, take a closer look and spend time on the content — organic and branded.

The Moj Benefit: Moj Hashtag challenges offer an unparalleled engagement rate in the industry with 75 Cr average video plays and 5-6 Cr average reach.


Enriched with the powers of AR filters, interactive lenses branded content, influencer reach and UGC, short-form videos aid brands in increasing brand awareness and recall.

The Moj Benefit: Moj has a rock-solid ecosystem of 7 Lakh+ creators, facilitating brands to reach Indic language-first audiences across India in 15 languages — with short-form videos, interactive lenses and live features.


The demand for snackable content ensures good visibility for those willing to support the supply consistently, creating opportunities for brand narratives to thrive.

The Moj Benefit: Moj has a boast-worthy user base of close to 30 Cr Monthly Active Users, with 85% of its audience consisting of young India — internet users aged between 19 and 35 years.

You can check out some real examples here.

Brands jump on the bandwagon

While many brands have incorporated short-form videos in marketing strategies, they are yet to unlock their full potential. Most brands use social media and entertainment platforms, with a majority of tier 1-residing users. However, most Indian viewers are from tier-2 cities and other smaller Indian towns*. Not having a language-first approach or using platforms with a deeper penetration in these cities leads to media waste.

Brands need to be present on platforms that are frequently visited by their audiences. It involves tapping into their needs and interests and becoming a part of their digital communities. Such engagement and conversations give brands a leg up in picking on the pulse of the consumers, decoding what influences their buying behaviors.

Users spend an average of 34 minutes per day on Moj. 85% of them are GenZ and Millennials, who depend on expert reviews and trusted digital communities while making purchase decisions. Along with a high propensity to shop, they have a need to be sure of where they spend their hard-earned money. They are also key influencers among their family and peer groups, adding to the list of reasons brands must include them and the platforms they spend time on in marketing strategies.

Brands must pay attention to the upward growth in short-form videos, leveraging them as part of their content strategy. It can help them promote their products effectively, ride the wave of everyday trends, and generate awareness and engagement.

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