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Eeken by Paragon X Moj

Learn how Eeken by Paragon achieved a +7% uplift in Brand Awareness with Interactive Lenses on Moj.

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Joy Personal Care X Moj

Learn how Joy Personal Care achieved over 7% uplift in Brand Awareness with influencer-led campaign on Moj.

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Pepsi x Moj

Discover how Pepsi's #PepsiRiseUpBaby campaign achieved remarkable success using Moj's influential ad formats to engage and resonate with Young India.

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Honda x ShareChat & Moj

Find out how Honda generated high decibel awareness about its 100cc bikes by leveraging ShareChat and Moj's precise geo targeting capabilities and high-impact ad formats.

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Amazon x Moj

Learn how Moj’s robust creator economy and strategic promotions aided Amazon in effectively reaching its targeted customers, boosting engagement and awareness.

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PlayerzPot x Moj

Learn how the #PlayerzPotChallenge garnered an exceptional level of UGC participation on Moj, setting a new benchmark for lens-based Hashtag Challenges.

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