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Here's How Mobile Brands Can Leverage ShareChat To Engage With Consumers This Festive Season

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The festive season is here, and Bharat - users who prefer Indic languages as their primary language for using social media, are all set to make the most of it by spending time with their loved ones, decorating their homes, and shopping to their heart's content. Bharat ki #FestiveFeeling, a recent report by ShareChat revealed that 1 in 2 in Bharat is all set to spend more this year than it did during festivities last year.

Furthermore, it also forecasts demand for gadgets to be on the rise as Mobile and accessories is one of the top categories where 17% of Bharat plans to spend the most this year.

Convenience of shopping online makes Bharat a little spoiled with the array of choices depending on individual preferences. Mobile and accessories are at the top of the list when it comes to online shopping, and 10% of Bharat plans to purchase their mobiles and accessories online.

With a large number of mobile brands available in the market, consumers often rely on online product reviews, discounts, and deals to make their purchase decisions. It is important for brands to tap into Bharat’s shopping preferences to make the most of this festive season.

Decoding Bharat’s Smart Shopping

To fully tap into this festive season's potential, mobile brands must consider the factors that affect Bharat’s online spending:

Bharat likes to scroll through product options, browsing the descriptions and images before adding an item to the cart. The ease of engaging with product information in its preferred languages makes it easier for Bharat to choose a mobile phone from a range of options, especially during the festive season.

Some key features that Bharat is looking for in a new mobile phone:

Bharat is smart about spending its money, especially when it comes to buying online. It’s always on the lookout for value for money. Using a language-first social media platform to cater to the buyer’s need for reviews, discount offers, and more in their preferred language is a step in the right direction as it would help influence Bharat’s purchase decision. Brands should be able to cater to the needs of the buyer and address their preferences and requirements in their festive campaigns.

Influence Bharat’s Shopping Choices With Social Media

Social Media plays an important role in a buyer’s purchase journey. It aids product discoveries and provides recommendations. At 44%, Social media is the biggest purchase influencer for Bharat during the festive season. Also, 46% in Bharat relies on social media for discovery of brand offers, discounts and recommendations.

ShareChat with over 18 crore active users and 10,000 crore video views a month is a social media platform of choice for Bharat. With such a large user base of language-first audience, brands can leverage ShareChat to make the most of this festive season by fulfilling their marketing objectives with ShareChat’s full funnel marketing solutions.

ShareChat’s innovative ad formats for mobile brands to shine this festive season

Mobile brands can tap into the festive sentiment with ShareChat’s language-first platform to increase consumer reach and engagement with the following ad formats:

Splash Ads -
Promotes brand visibility with a non-skippable ad display on app launch that converts into a clickable first pinned post.

First Pinned Post - Amplifies your ad and brand message by getting them pinned at the top of the trending feed.

Exit Interstitial - Grabs the user's attention just as they close the app by placing your ad as the last thing they see upon exiting the app.

Native In-Feed Ads - Nudges the users to take action and interact with the brand via seamless ad placement in the user’s feed.

Mobile brands can also leverage other features of the ShareChat platform such as native feed ads, video feed ads, native polls, live audio chatrooms, and more to elevate their brand among thousands of users and engage with them. ShareChat’s ad formats provide you with a full-funnel marketing solution as can be seen in the following OnePlus Case Study.

Many leading mobile brands have partnered with ShareChat to achieve their marketing goals and engage with Bharat.

OnePlus Case Study

The main objective for OnePlus was to establish a strong foothold in Bharat. Further, to generate sales OnePlus wanted to amplify its #SimplyDiwali campaign, a creative campaign promoting Diwali offers in 2021. In addition to this, the brand also wanted to create awareness and drive traction for its latest launches - Bullets Z2 and Nord 2T 5G.

ShareChat was able to garner high visibility and awareness for One Plus #SimplyDiwali offers and it’s latest launches by leveraging its massive user database. Through the exit interstitial and native ad formats, ShareChat successfully delivered higher conversions, visibility and engagement.

For the OnePlus #SimplyDiwali Sale campaign, Sharechat successfully delivered 33 Lakh+ impressions, 3.65 Lakh+ clicks and a CTR of 11%.

For the OnePlus Bluetooth Wireless Earphones Promotion - Bullets Z2 campaign, Sharechat successfully delivered 36 Lakh+ impressions, 1.03 Lakh+ clicks and a CTR of 2.8%.

And for the OnePlus Nord 2T 5G campaign, Sharechat successfully delivered 47 Lakh+ impressions, 3 Lakh+ clicks and a CTR of 6.41%.

With such stellar results, ShareChat becomes a go-to destination to reach Bharat. For mobile brands, it is a must-have platform in their media plan to achieve measurable results and increase the discovery of their products and services.

Reach out to us today, to know how your brand can engage and connect with Bharat this festive season.

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