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OnePlus X ShareChat

OnePlus Gains A Stronger Foothold In Bharat With ShareChat

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About the Brand

With over 7.2% market share in India, OnePlus is one of India’s leading mobile brands. OnePlus delivers user-centric technology which challenges the market conventions and industry status quo.

Campaign Objective

OnePlus wanted to establish a strong foothold in Bharat. The brand was also looking to drive awareness and engagement for its Diwali 2021 promotional offers and subsequent launches - Bullets Z2 and Nord 2T 5G.

Brand's Ask

The brand collaborated with ShareChat to leverage its deep penetration in Bharat. OnePlus was looking at an engaging and interactive solution to drive awareness and engagement for its promotional offers and recent launches.

Our Solution

ShareChat proposed a full-funnel approach that incorporated high-impact, high-visibility ad formats. Through the full-screen exit interstitial ads displayed on the user’s screen while exiting the app, OnePlus was able to garner high visibility for their #SimplyDiwali offers. Furthermore, OnePlus campaigns achieved higher engagement for its launch of Nord 2T 5G and wireless bluetooth earphones - Bullets Z2 through a combination of exit interstitial and native in-feed ads, which nudged users to take action and interact with the brand. ShareChat also helped the brand target its brand messages to users in specific cities and age groups.


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How Can ShareChat Help?

With ShareChat Ads, you can expect higher engagement levels for targeted campaigns. The wealth of psychographic information provided by our AI-Powered platform offers unparalleled targeting capabilities. We ensure that your ads are made visible to your target audience, thereby, giving you the highest ROI (return on investment).

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