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How Automobile Brands Can Leverage ShareChat To Reach Vehicle Buyers In Bharat This Festive Season

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Buying a new vehicle holds tremendous value for Bharat. A crucial purchase during the festive season, it's an asset seen as a sign of progress and prosperity. A lot goes into deciding which vehicle to buy, from researching the features to budgeting for the purchase. A popular high-ticket category, automobiles will continue to see soaring purchase intent this year, with 36% of buyers planning to spend over INR 10 lakh for vehicles, according to Bharat ki #FestiveFeeling, a report by ShareChat.

To make the most of Bharat’s purchase intent this festive season, it will be imperative for brands to decode key considerations of purchase and identify platforms that influence the buying decisions. Here are key insights that will enable automobile brands to build impactful festive strategies

1. Bharat prefers SUVs over hatchbacks

A key trend in the markets this festive season is an affinity for SUVs (21%) over hatchbacks (9%). Bharat is actively choosing comfort in luxury over a tussle with price points in their vehicle buying journey. With increasing awareness of green modes of energy and transport, there is excitement for electric vehicles in Bharat. At least 10% of automobile buyers in Bharat this year are considering buying an electric car, with 6% looking at an electric two-wheeler.

2. The cost of running determines vehicle purchase significantly

Bharat is conscious of the various aspects of the costs of buying a new vehicle. It is tilting its focus on aspects like fuel type, premium features, safety, price, and offers. As opposed to the popular perception that price is the only factor determining a vehicle's purchase, safety and premium features are also crucial considerations.

3. Social media aids the discovery of automobile offers and launches

Social media is the biggest purchase influencer for Bharat during the festive season. It plays a crucial role in purchase journeys, aiding product discoveries and recommendations. For at least 35% of potential Bharat automobile buyers, social media is the leading source of information on the latest offers and launches. Similarly, 30% of automobile users in Bharat head to social media to discover vehicle insurance offers. Thereby, making it among the most preferred channel for Bharat automobile users when it comes to choosing vehicle insurance.

How can brands make the most of Bharat's purchase intent?

With 45% of Bharat's automobile purchasers expected to be first-time vehicle buyers, the importance of brand awareness will increase manifold this festive season. Lucrative offers, product quality and features greatly influence Bharat’s purchase decisions during the festive season. To tap into the festive sentiment, it will be critical for brands to partner with language-first social media platforms to increase their reach and engagement.

Deep penetration in Bharat combined with innovative, engaging full-funnel solutions and language-first capabilities makes ShareChat an ideal partner for brands, this festive season.

Brands can leverage the power of ShareChat to elevate their brand among its strong user base of 18 crore by tapping into various interactive ad formats like Splash Ads, Exit Interstitial Ads, or Native-Infeed apps, where each has unique benefits.

Not only can brands make use of these interactive ad formats but can also leverage ShareChat’s wide creator network with linguistic and geographic diversities. ShareChat creators can curate content across 20 categories which can help brands craft communications in line with their brand personality.

Another solution that Brands can leverage with ShareChat is ShareChatTV (SCTV). With over 10 crore average weekly video plays, Advertisers can now use SCTV to make target-based ads and innovate with in-stream and pre-roll formats. Even here, synergies with the creator ecosystem can be explored as brands can showcase their message through in-stream ads in the creator videos, which enjoy a highly engaged audience due to their relatability and authenticity.

Leading automobile brands have successfully leveraged ShareChat’s marketing solutions to reach and engage Bharat.

Hero MotoCorp

The brand wanted to create awareness for Hero Glamour and increase reach among potential customers in regional languages across India.

ShareChat leveraged its solid user base to facilitate the brand in achieving its goal of communicating in regional languages via its Native feed ads. All the creative assets were created in regional languages to enable the brand to effectively engage with the user and encourage immediate response. The campaign enabled Hero MotorCorp to amplify the stunning features of Hero Glamour and create awareness for the product among the Bharat audience as it reached more than 30 Lakh users.

To know how your brand can engage and connect with Bharat this festive season, reach out to us today.


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