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Bharat Ki #FestiveFeeling:

Decode Bharat's Festive Spending Trends

This festive season, 1 in 2 in Bharat is willing to spend more than they did last year. Brands can make the most of this increased demand by understanding the pulse of Bharat's spending potential and deploying an effective marketing strategy to make the most of it. The report, Bharat ki #FestiveFeeling is an essential read for marketers to get Bharat-ready ahead of the festive season 2022.


Understanding Bharat ki #FestiveFeeling

  • For 70% Bharat, online is a critical part of the purchase journey
  • 1 in 4 in Bharat plan festive purchases last minute
  • At 44%, Social media is the biggest purchase influencer for Bharat during the festive season
  • Apparel, mobile & accessories, and jewellery are the top 3 categories this festive season

Decode Bharat's festive spending trends

E-commerce: 1 in 3 in Bharat shops online at least thrice a month
Automobile: 36% of buyers to spend over INR 10 lakh for vehicles this festive season
Beauty: 80% of Bharat women go online to buy beauty products
Jewellery: 2 in 5 Bharat women plan to spend INR 25,000 on jewellery this festive season

Take a deep dive into Bharat’s shopping plans


What this means for marketers

  • Invest in social media to increase the discovery of products and offers.
  • Build strategies with a focus on targeting last-minute shoppers.
  • Include discounts and offers in your festive strategy to maximise sales.

Unique insights into the festive consumer behaviour


In-depth information on key festive categories like e-commerce, automobile, beauty, and jewellery


Checklist to engage Bharat effectively

boost your business sales.

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