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3 ways to redirect young India's purchase intent to your brand

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When it comes to young India's aspirations, the sky's the limit. Always ready to fly high, looking upward to newer goals. From the success it craves to the material things it hopes to buy from hard-earned savings — it wants everything at lightning speed!

Young India carefully thinks through purchases as well as indulges in impulsive shopping sprees. It knows to balance hustle with leisure, making the best of both worlds. Short-form videos are a big part of young India's life. Scrolling endlessly for entertainment and information, young India spends hours consuming short-form videos in its language of choice.

With 300 Mn+ monthly active users and 3 Mn daily video uploads, the scale of content creation and consumption in Indic languages on Moj are unparalleled. Home to 85% young India audiences, Moj is an expert in all things young India.

Moj's recently released report, Getting Young India Right, brings marketers exclusive insights into young India’s purchase decisions.

Here are some highlights from the report, detailing 3 strategic paths brands can take to influence the purchasing powers of young India.

Let social media lead the way

Young India loves to spend time scrolling through snackable content. It regularly taps into the magic of short-form videos to get expert advice before buying something. It is thus no surprise that short-form video content and social media are the top marketing channels influencing the purchase decisions of 60% of young India!

Brands Tune In: Short-form video-led campaigns are crucial for brands to win over young India. Brands must tap into these strategically by leveraging native ad formats. They can do so by creating compelling narratives in tandem with the top influencers on the platform.

Incentivise with offers & discounts

Young India cares about every last rupee it spends out of its wallet. According to the Moj survey, offers and discounts influence the purchase decisions for 54% of young India! The trend underlines how young India is constantly looking for the best deals to ensure its hard-earned money gets used optimally.

Brands Tune In: Brands can strategically leverage relevant native ad formats to ensure their offers and deals reach the target audience, nudging them to act on impulse and ‘add to cart’. Campaigns that offer incentives against participation via content creation are excellent add-ons to increase top-of-mind recall.

Tap into young India's robust sphere of influence

Young India has an affinity for sharing positive experiences with people in its circle. It could be via social media or offline conversations. The friends and family of 62% of young India trust it for product recommendations, indicating that those on the receiving end take these narratives seriously.

Brands Tune In: Nothing can top the power of word of mouth and organic reach. By tapping into the circles of young India, brands can extend their reach with real, everyday conversations. Brands can join the digital communities young India looks up to and disseminate information-rich content about their products.

Moj has dissected these buying behaviours in a must-have report for marketers, Getting Young India Right. Download it here.

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