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Social 2.0 Paving The Path For A Robust Creator Ecosystem

5 September 2022

With time, social media users have become more aware of the cost of using free and open social media platforms. Not wanting their data shared, user sought greater transparency and data privacy. This culminated in Social 2.0, where privacy has become a primary focus.

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By Ajit Varghese,

CCO, ShareChat & Moj

Win-win for creators
For content creators, Social 2.0 offers greater flexibility in creating content. There are several other advantages, the most important of which is a direct relationship between creators and their followers. Creators are now free to publish what they genuinely believe in and what their followers are looking for. They can break free from conforming to popular taste or advertising-based models. This translates to more control over their content and its pricing. Being free to price their creations allows for market discovery at the best price.

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