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ShareChat CEO Ankush Sachdeva’s Success Mantra: Every Failure Is A Leap To Success

18 November 2021

Young entrepreneur and ShareChat CEO Ankush Sachdeva believes that failure tells us what not to do.

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ShareChat CEO Ankush Sachdeva believes that failure tells us what not to do. S.K. Singh spoke to him on his journey. Edited excepts:

How did ShareChat start?

I was in the 4th year of B.Tech when all three of us (co-founders) were building a product for a debate. I shared its link in different Facebook groups so that people could click on it. In those days, there was to be a match of Sachin Tendulkar coming up and his fans had formed a group in his name where they were commenting and providing their numbers as well. From there I took 1,000 numbers and formed 10 WhatsApp groups of 100-100. After an hour, there were over a hundred messages in each group. Unknown people were sharing photos and videos of Sachin. Then I realised that there is a lot of demand for content in non-English languages in India. Seeing this, we created the first app. Its name was also ShareChat. It was a very simple app. It was formally launched in 2015.

Did you ever feel the company would not work?

There have been many occasions when it felt that the company would be shut down. It was difficult to raise funds initially. Jokes and good morning messages were displayed as soon as you open the app. The investors from America were skeptical...

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