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Neeraj Chopra is brand ambassador of ShareChat Mega Star Season 2

29 September 2021

The Olympian will be part of a two-week-long campaign launched across 9 categories in 15 Indic languages

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The Mega Star Season 2 campaign aims to discover and encourage remarkable talent amongst digital content creators across India in nine categories – Entertainment, Technology, Comedy, Sports, Education, Emotions, Devotion, Fashion, and Trends & Updates.

With ShareChat’s 180 million monthly active users, the campaign aims to bring forth some incredibly talented creators of the platform and help them become social media champions. Started on 22nd September 2021, this two-week-long Mega Star Season 2 will evaluate the entries and recognise the winners as Mega Stars, Super Stars, and Rising Stars. The campaign expects to identify 51 Mega Stars, 90 Super Stars and 540 Rising Stars altogether!

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