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Here's how a short video content creator, landed a role in a movie

16 April 2021

The overgrowing popularity of the short video sharing space is resulting in more people broadcasting their talent online. This has enabled such platforms to become a launching pad for millions...

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From Shah Rukh Khan to Sushant Singh Rajput, there are many stories of actors making it big in the film industry after starting their career on TV.

While success stories from small screen to silver screen are not unusual nowadays, what could become a new trend is talent coming from a new space --- the short video sharing platform.

The growth in the short video sharing space is not only resulting in more people showcasing their talent but such platforms are also becoming launching pad for many.

One such story is of 23-year-old Sajith Sivan who resides in Kerala and drives an auto rickshaw to support his family. For extra income, Sivan also plays the instrument Chenda.

And that's not all. Sivan, who had to drop out from college to start earning for his family, has a penchant for acting. This is why Sivan logged on to a video sharing platform Moj where he uploads his videos in which he takes real life incidents and enacts them.

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