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Culture-first marketing: the key to driving successful festive campaigns

25 October 2022

While traditional wisdom is that festive purchases are planned months in advance, one of four in Bharat are actually last-minute shoppers.

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By Udit Sharma Chief Revenue Officer

India’s diversity is unlike any in the world. And this diversity becomes even more evident during festivals. If Ramleela captivates audiences in the North during Navratri, the magic of Garba takes hold in Gujarat. In the east, it is the pomp and pageantry of Durga Puja. Whereas in the south, Navratri celebrations take on a vibrant and artistic expression with Bathukamma and Golu dolls. 

Expression and celebration form the backbone of any festival. While native languages are key to expression, shopping and gifting almost become synonymous with celebration. This is the time when Bharat (social media users who prefer Indic languages as their main language for using social media) comes together in celebration and camaraderie, reflecting the continuity and likeliness of respective cultures across languages and seasons. Standing on the cusp of 2022’s festive season, Bharat is all set to passionately celebrate the festivities this year.

It’s a time of great joy not just for people but also for brands. Bharat’s festive sentiment is stronger than ever. One of two in Bharat plans to spend higher than they did last year. However, unless a brand’s marketing campaigns resonate with customers, particularly language-first users, they won’t make much of an impact.

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