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Celebrating Bharat’s digital journey@75: The rapid increase in language-first users on social media

15 August 2022

Ajit Varghese, CCO of ShareChat & Moj, sheds some light on the online preferences of Bharat users.

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The number of internet users in India has reached 69.2 crore as social media continues to become a powerful tool of expression for many. With the advent of the Internet and Web 2.0, people can access ‘content’ and enjoy personalized experiences while consuming content on social media or shopping on e-commerce websites. The pandemic has been a catalyst for how people use social media – earlier, it was used just for networking, but now it provides many unique digital services. Due to a revolution in user consumption habits over the past two years, the digital and social media ecosystem has undergone a sea of change. 

A country with 22 different languages and thousands of dialects can only witness digital evolution through mass digital empowerment and awareness. This could only be possible by customisation and personalisation. 

Many social media platforms, primarily homegrown, target Bharat users by providing hyperlocal experiences through a vast range of language-driven content. Therefore, it cannot go without saying that the best use of technology can only create an inclusive approach, welcoming the voice of the next billion users. Accurate recommendation engines and AI will be critical in achieving the true potential of social media that benefits the larger demography.

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