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Big Cos Seek Out 'Bharat Influencers' To Help Promote Brands

16 July 2022

Influencer marketing is changing the rules of brand outreach as social media has emerged as one of the primary influences for people in non-metro regions to make buying decisions, experts said.

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A recent report by ShareChat comparing Indians who prefer consuming content in English (‘India users’) versus regional languages (‘Bharat users’), found that Bharat users are more open to expressing themselves online.
Bharat is increasingly shopping online with 46% buying gadgets online in 2021, said the report titled The Neo India Report. Other categories like travel bookings, food, clothing and accessories, beauty and skincare are also popular in Bharat, it said.

“Combining Moj and TakaTak, the top short-video platform in India, we have a creator community of over 10 crore and 30 crore monthly active users,” Shekhar said. “Generally, we have seen that over 60% of our creators are from Tier 2 and 3 cities which are also emerging as important markets to access smartphones, high-speed internet, and the rise of local SMBs.”

With growing digital literacy and language-enabled devices, there has been a rapid increase in users and creators from non-urban areas. People are using social media to express their creativity while also finding the opportunity to monetise their reach and content.

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