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Bharat users are as affluent and digitally savvy as India users: ShareChat and GroupM report

27 January 2022

Bharat users are at par with India users when it comes to participating in online financial activities

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ShareChat has released a report titled ‘Bharat - The Neo India’ in association with GroupM that studies the social media behavior, content preferences, spending choices of Bharat1 and India2 users. The report classifies users that prefer Indic language on social media as Bharat users and India users as the ones that prefer using English, across all the regions of India. Bharat users are spread across the country with nearly 40% present in metros and 53% in non-metros. The findings in the report are based on a primary survey by YouGov, conducted among 3,432 social media users across 17 Indian states and with inputs from Kantar on Indic language urban active internet users.

  • 56% of Bharat use UPI and 49% use mobile wallets multiple times a week.
  • 27% of Bharat use paid video streaming services v/s 29% India.
  • 1 in 5 Bharat users invests in cryptocurrency.
  • 39% of Bharat uses social media as their primary news consumption platform and prefers it over both print and TV combined.

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