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ZeeMelt Wrap-Up: Unlocking The Power Of Bharat With SFV And More…

28 November 2022

Ajit Varghese, Chief Commercial Officer, ShareChat and Moj, was a keynote speaker at ZeeMelt, a conference for disruptive marketing practices. ZeeMelt brought together experts from various fields, including advertising, technology, and publishing, to connect and learn from one another.

During his talk, Ajit discussed how ShareChat & Moj have changed the paradigm by creating a multicultural ecosystem that propelled Bharat* audiences onto the social media map. He also emphasised the growing popularity of Short Format Videos (SFV) and the need for brands to leverage this trend in their marketing efforts.
He stressed the importance of leveraging Bharat's* emerging creators for curating more engaging, shareable content. Furthermore, he suggested four ways in which marketers can take advantage of the creator ecosystem:

  • Influencer Activation
  • Immersive AR lenses powered Hashtag Challenges (HTC)
  • ShareChat Chatrooms
  • ShareChat Studio Ads

The key takeaway from Ajit’s talk was the need to explore the power of SFV and move beyond traditional advertising methods. By embracing the rise of SFV and Bharat's* emerging creators, brands can improve their marketing efforts and connect with audiences in a more meaningful way.

Click on the below link to watch Ajit’s presentation:

*Bharat - Users who prefer Indic Languages as their main language for using social media

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