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Language-First Social Media for Bharat Audience: Insights from ShareChat and Moj's CEO at Unilever's Immersion Session

28 February 2023

Ankush Sachdeva, CEO and co-founder of ShareChat and Moj, discussed the company's growth and $50mn revenue from micro-payments, as well as the future of Short-Form Videos (SFV) at Unilever India's recently concluded immersive session in Bangalore.

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Unilever India recently hosted an immersive session that aimed to showcase the power of the digital ecosystem in India, with a focus on disruptive business models. The event was attended by the Chief Business and Supply Chain Officer, Reginaldo Ecclissato, and his senior leadership team, and featured demonstrations and discussions on cutting-edge technology-backed solutions.

One of the highlights of the event was a talk by ShareChat and Moj's CEO, Mr Ankush Sachdeva, who spoke about the company's journey so far. He shared insights into the company's 'All Things Bharat' approach and highlighted the need for language-first social media platforms like ShareChat and Moj.

He started by sharing the story of how ShareChat came into existence through a WhatsApp group created to discuss and share content around Sachin Tendulkar. Ankush then highlighted the company's journey so far, including its creation of Moj app in just 30 hours after the ban of a popular Short Format Video (SFV) app and its subsequent acquisition of another short-format video company, MX Taka Tak. He also spoke about the company garnering revenue of $50mn through micro-payments that has significantly helped the creator economy.

Ankush emphasized how ShareChat and Moj, today, are India's third-largest digital ecosystem with over 325 million users and how short-format video consumption is on the rise, while defining massive potential at offer through Bharat audiences.

Moreover, Ankush addressed three major misconceptions surrounding the Bharat audience. He debunked the belief that engaging with the Bharat audience is a challenge by introducing the Chaatrooms feature, an audio only feature, which attracts lakhs of listeners live. He also highlighted the growth of categories like finance and DIY on Moj and the fact that storytelling can happen in short format through unique ad formats like Hashtag Challenges (HTC) and Studio Ads.

Overall, the event provided valuable insights into the power and potential of the digital ecosystem in India, with Ankush shedding light on the company's approach and successes in this space.

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