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iMedia Brand Summit 2022 Wrap Up: ShareChat Busts Myths About Short Format Video (SFV) Audience

5 August 2022

Our Chief Revenue Officer, Udit Sharma, debunked a plethora of myths around the SFV audience for the country’s select-few senior-level leaders representing various brands across key industries.

iMedia Brand Summit, a forum known to connect decision makers from top brands and the most innovative companies across the world, concluded recently. Scheduled from 3-5 August 2022, at Alila Diwa, Goa, the summit offered a collaborative environment to learn, share, discuss, debate, and explore new frontiers of marketing, advertising, and brand-building.

In a fast-paced and ever-evolving environment of marketing, this year’s summit aimed to empower top marketing minds in the country with tools that could help their brands to live, engage, communicate and build marketing profitability in an era of Omnipresence. To add value to this proposition, ShareChat and Moj partnered with iMedia as one of the key sponsors to debunk myths around the SFV audience, help the industry realise the potential, and leverage the large opportunity it offers.

Udit Sharma, Chief Revenue Officer, ShareChat, delivered an incisive presentation that busted myths around Bharat and consumers of content in SFV. Udit’s crisp and data-rich presentation focused on:

  • Establishing the large opportunity that Bharat* offers vs India*. India constitutes only 125 million people (10%), whereas, Bharat constitutes 1.17 billion people (90%), which is nearly 10x of India’s audience.
  • How smartphone boom is causing SFV explosion in the country and how GenZ Bharat consumers engage deeply with SFV content.
  • Busting some common myths around SFV audience of Bharat: Myth #1: Bharat audience is not affluent. Myth #2: SVF audience is only into casual content consumption. Myth #3: Storytelling cannot happen in short format
To catch a glimpse of the key highlights from Udit Sharma’s presentation, watch the below video

*Bharat - Users who prefer Indic Languages as their main language for using social media

*India - Users who prefer English as their main language for using social media

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