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Unveiling ‘Bharat – The Neo India’: A Report By ShareChat & GroupM

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In recent times, the Indian digital space has witnessed an upheaval – specifically in its language of communication. It is no longer the mainstay of consumers who prefer their content in English. Instead, the number of consumers who prefer Indic language content has grown massively, especially in the last five years. These consumers, whom we collectively refer to as ‘Bharat’, is a unique market due its multiplicity of languages and immense diversity. Bharat’s internet behaviour indicates that it forms an affluent and a brand loyal segment. Marketers need to urgently engage with Bharat as a part of their strategy or risk being left behind. It’s important to leave behind all the unfounded stereotypes associated with Bharat and take a deeper dive into what makes it tick.

ShareChat & GroupM’s ‘Bharat – The Neo India’ is the marquee report that sheds light on the online behaviour of Bharat. Further, it enables brands to make deeper, more meaningful connections.

Some key highlights:

Bharat consumers are affluent and digitally savvy

  • Bharat is over-indexed on NCCS A & higher education compared to the overall urban active internet users

  • Bharat is savvy with investments with exposure to Mutual Funds, E-Gold, Stocks & Cryptocurrency

  • Bharat shows high propensity to pay for online content with 27% using paid video streaming daily

  • Bharat is increasingly adopting modern payment methods with 56% using UPI and 49% using mobile wallets multiple times a week

  • Bharat is shopping online with 46% buying gadgets online in 2021. Other categories like travel bookings, food, clothing and accessories, beauty and skincare are also popular

  • Social media is one of the top influencers in making purchase decisions for Bharat

  • Bharat prefers social media over TV for news consumption

  • Bharat shows higher active engagement online than India when it comes to sharing and posting content on social media A larger percentage of Bharat streams free video online daily than watch TV daily

Get a deeper insight into who Bharat is and how it behaves, debunk common myths and learn more about creating an impactful marketing strategy to engage Bharat with ‘Bharat - The Neo India’ report.

Download Bharat - The Neo India

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