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Trend Alert: The Year-Round Opportunity That Bharat Offers To Marketers

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Scrolling through ShareChat, one comes across a myriad range of posts. From a toddler's first step to wedding announcements and birthday wishes, it's Bharat's space to document personal milestones. When overwhelmed with sentiments around trending topics, Bharat picks up the phone to express unique perspectives.

However, what digital-savvy Bharat loves above all are celebrations, and ShareChat understands this perfectly.

With 18 Crore monthly active users, ShareChat has a strong grasp on the pulse of Bharat and its need to express. Bharat's affinity for celebrations makes it an excellent demographic for targeted campaigns all year long.

Non-stop celebrations all year long

India is a land of cultural diversity that celebrates over 150 festivals a year with full pomp and show. It gives Bharat users ample opportunities to express their festive feelings and add to the vibrancy of each occasion. Being able to emote in their preferred Indic languages is a crucial part of what makes Bharat include ShareChat in its festivities.

In 2022*, 7.3 Crore Bharat users celebrated Diwali on ShareChat. It was the biggest celebration on the platform, reflecting the tremendous magnitude of the festive extravaganza around the occasion.

At the same time, ShareChat also recorded the enthusiastic contribution of over 4.5 Crore users to the festive fervour around Lohri, Pongal, Uttarayan and Makar Sankranti, 4.8 Crore+ users for Rakshabandhan and 4.2 Crore+ users for Onam.

On both, Mahashivratri and Janmashtami, the platform witnessed the expression of festive feelings by over 4 Crore users. On Holi, Gudi Padwa and Ram Navami, the numbers stood at about 4.1 Crore each.

ShareChat's Indic-language-first interface makes it uniquely equipped to support these conversations at scale.

However, these sentiments aren't restricted to just the festivals. They also trickle down to special days of the year.

In the same year, 4.7 Crore+ users expressed on ShareChat for Friendship Day, 4.4 Crore+ users on Valentine's Day and 4.2 Crore+ users on Teacher’s Day. The numbers are comparable to some of the biggest festivals in the country! Bharat's festive feelings are too clearly mammoth to be contained to traditional festive days.

On ShareChat, Bharat celebrates the days meant to make their loved ones feel cherished with just as much vigour as the blockbuster festivals.

Bharat is also a demographic that takes immense pride in being a part of the nation. It can be seen from how in 2022, 4.6 Crore+ users posted about Republic Day, 5.1 Crore+ on Independence Day and 4.3 Crore+ on Kargil Diwas.

Brands can join in these conversations with Shareable Wishes and Status Template. The former ad format leveraged the user intent to share greetings with loved ones during festivals and special occasions. The latter allows users to choose a branded template and personalise it with their custom messages to post and share.

To further step up their festive game, brands can also use the Festive Widget on ShareChat. The widget is a dedicated real estate on ShareChat for brands to leverage the spike in engagement around big festivals. It can be leveraged best around festivals and celebratory days like Ganesh Chaturthi, Teacher's Day and New Year.

Authentic self-expression and celebration

Bharat users don't shy away from showing their most authentic selves on ShareChat. A significant part of the social chatter on the platform revolves around emotions, especially love. It speaks volumes of the intensity of Bharat's openness to voice opinions and thoughts about intimate and dear topics.

Other key trending categories of conversations include entertainment, astrology & devotion, humour and lifestyle. Much of this expression is shared as statuses and quotes. Bharat users like to write in their preferred Indic languages, engaging with each other at leisure.

Often, Bharat users bring content from other mediums like television into the fold of ShareChat, discussing their favourite parts of popular shows and movies. Bharat's love for entertainment-centric content also extends to songs. Sad, romantic, and Bollywood songs are popular topics of soothing conversation on ShareChat.

Humour is one of the most consumed content categories on ShareChat. Its popularity reflects how Bharat looks at ShareChat as a destination to relax and unwind. Another crucial category is lifestyle, where photography, wedding looks, apparel styling and health tips make up the bulk of the conversations.

Brands can leverage Trending Tags, a ranked list of popular topics and user sentiments on the platform. Brands can slip their messages into these organic conversation starters to boost visibility. Allowing brands to capture Bharat's attention, Trending Tags help brands to drive salience and advocacy on ShareChat.

Looking forward to 2023

Marketers working on their 2023 strategy for Bharat must pencil in these pointers on their to-remember lists:

  • Bharat loves to celebrate even the little moments. Don't wait for big festivals to run a targeted campaign. Join in!
  • Leverage native advertising solutions to make the most of a platform’s potential to add to your campaign’s success.
  • Focus on emotions while crafting a festive strategy for Bharat has a significant affinity to intrinsic expressions.

Brands don't have to wait for occasions. They can pick any day of the year and discover a festive feeling associated with it! All they have to do is leverage ShareChat's insights and innovate ad solutions to complete the loop.

* According to ShareChat data recorded between January and November 2022

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