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ShareChat Studio Ads: Mobile Native Content That Drives 3X Higher Engagement

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With the total mobile subscriptions estimated to grow to 130 Cr* by 2028, India is one of the world’s fastest-growing and largest mobile markets. In 2021 alone, users spent more than 69,900 Cr* hours on their phones. For brands, this ever-pervasiveness of mobiles is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they have a powerful and effective medium to target their potential customers. But on the other hand, they must continually push the envelope to stand out from the clutter and capture the customer’s fleeting attention.

Compared with other marketing solutions available, mobile native ads have a distinct advantage — they seamlessly blend into the user experience rather than being interruptive, making them more effective and efficient. However, mobile native ads by themselves aren’t enough anymore. With the evolving customer expectation of hyper-personalised and contextualised content, brands must incorporate cultural nuance to drive impact.

Language continues to be one of the primary pillars of cultural nuance in India. Close to 49% of mobile active internet users in India prefer to consume content in their native languages. For brands looking to engage these language-first users or Bharat, language-first social media platforms are a must-have in the media mix.

Selecting the right platform is half the battle won. Creating content that engages the audience is the other half. Being able to create content that’s relatable, contextually relevant and engaging at scale has always been a challenge for brands. The combination of audience insights, appropriate brand ambassadors, impactful storytelling and effective execution is tough to incorporate and that too at scale.

As India’s leading Indic language-first social media platform, ShareChat has been equipping brands to reach their target customers in their customer's preferred Indic languages. Be it awareness, consideration or action, the platform’s wide gamut of solutions enables brands to achieve their marketing objectives across the funnel.

ShareChat Studio Ads: The future of native mobile advertising:

ShareChat Studio Ads is the platform’s initiative to offer brands of all sizes a one-stop solution to create impactful and engaging content through a unique combination of:

Since these native ads look like regular videos one would encounter on a leisurely scroll and not like TVCs, users are more likely to stop and engage with them.

Power of ShareChat Studio Ads

Studio Ads enable brands to:

  • Brands get the flexibility of adapting their larger narrative to hyper-contextualised messages according to granular audience segments. For e.g. a brand campaign that talks about the core USP of the product at the national level can then be customised as per pain points of micro-audience at a regional level.
  • Personalised context has higher resonance among Bharat audiences, thereby leading to higher engagement. Studio Ads drive up to 3X higher engagement.
  • From the brief to execution, the process doesn’t take longer than a few weeks. A team of regional experts creates multiple concepts based on the brand brief. Once approved, the campaign idea swiftly moves to the production phase and is soon taken live on the platform. These creatives are refreshed every few weeks, depending on the length of the campaign, to ensure fatigue doesn't set in.

Helping brands deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time

Be it the top, middle or bottom of the funnel, ShareChat Studio Ads solves the critical problem of enabling brands to deliver the right message to the right audience at the right time with ease and efficiency.

Studio Ads tap into ShareChat’s user behaviour to zero down on content that’s entertaining as well as informative in required proportions. It makes them an excellent tool for brands looking to target consumers with how-to content.

While introducing a new product or service, brands can tap into the magic of Studio Ads and effectively reach their target audience with content that drives usage.

The content created with Studio Ads also drives excellent brand advocacy campaigns to increase the adoption of existing products and services as the creators have an engaged Bharat audience that trusts their recommendations and opinions.

Brands can also use Studio Ads to drive a sales-oriented campaign by offering target audiences limited-edition discount coupons via creator content. The creators can also nudge the Bharat audiences to participate in the campaign and add to its UGC quotient.

ShareChat Studio Ads facilitate brands in accessing not just the tools but the process and the cast to bring their campaigns to life. Produced efficiently by ShareChat, the ads help brands reach relevant Bharat audiences with minimal effort. With everything in-sync at every level, there is no potential ad spends wastage. It's truly a win-win for brands and Bharat.

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