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Meet Young India's New-Age Personal Finance Consultants

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Young India loves to access all things at lightning speed. It is quick to express opinions, pivot to career paths that feel right and take decisions about its hard-earned money. Ambitious and future-ready, it wants to expand its scope of savings and investments. However, since it wants everything quick, young India is unlikely to sit for long-drawn literacy sessions or spend time unravelling complicated financial jargon. What it needs is content that makes investments easier.

This is where creators and influencers come into the picture. They know what young India cares about and the content formats it likes to consume. BFSI & fintech brands can tap into their expertise to pull young India towards their offerings. This approach will help the brands funnel young India’s intent and capacity to invest into actual investments that garner them excellent returns.

#LearnOnMoj: Where young India meets edutainment

Moj influencers are a goldmine of insights into young India’s content consumption patterns and behaviours. They understand how the content must be structured and packaged for a demographic that wants to stop for none. Creating such content day in and day out helps them know what will help BFSI & fintech brands hit the bull’s eye with young India: Edutainment content.

A cross between entertaining and educational content, an edutainment approach makes even the most complicated terms and processes palatable for young India. The fact that this communication takes place on Moj in the language of young India’s choice, and the way it likes to consume its content is a significant plus, making the platform a hit among this demographic.

Over 1.8 Mn Moj users actively create and disseminate edutainment content with #LearnOnMoj. It indicates a never-ending appetite for edutainment content. In less than a year of its launch, the hashtag had garnered approximately 35 billion+ views on nearly 3.5 million user-generated content.

BFSI & fintech brands must leverage this phenomenon to strike a chord with young India. Taking the edutainment approach would lead the brands to higher metrics across brand awareness, favourability and advocacy.

Influencing young India about investments

Moj has a strong influencer network of 50 million creators who understand the pulse of young India. They know what content young India likes to consume, the topics that resonate with it the most and how simplified the narrative should be for impactful dissemination. Here are a few such creators who are acing at engaging young India on Moj:

Anant Ladha

Founder of Invest Aaj For Kal, Anant Ladha is a Chartered Accountant who loves to teach. He has conducted over 200 financial literacy sessions educating over 100K people. On Moj, he regularly creates content that makes people aware of varied options of investments and motivates them to take steps to invest right.

Shubham Mapralkar

Engaging with his digital community from his handle, @marathifactor, Shubham Mapralkar loves to break down information for easy consumption for users who prefer Marathi-first content. He regularly creates content around interesting facts, peppering the posts with peppy and popular background music.

Goonj Thakkar

Host of a daily show, Ek Vaat Kau for VTV Gujarati, Goonj Thakkar has a loyal fanbase who loves to consume his edutainment content in Gujarati. On Moj, he pulls the users’ attention by uttering catchy and engaging phrases in his videos loaded with attractive text and animated elements.

Pratik Tambe

Pratik Tambe is a passionate content creator who loves to tell compelling stories via short-form videos. His content revolves around interesting financial tips and tricks that help people get started on their investment journey. He captivates his audiences with intriguing narratives and engaging background tunes.

Why are influencers the right partners for BFSI & fintech brands?

Influencers are the secret to success for young India-centric campaigns.

  • Enabling last-mile delivery of messages: Influencers are excellent at optimising content to young India’s liking and disseminating it impactfully.
  • Simplifying content within guidelines: Quick at ideating content that works, edutainment influencers are well-versed in ensuring alignment with the brand.
  • Creating content that works: Moj Influencers efficiently engage young India with Indic language-first content, helping brands make the most of their ad spends.

Young India is ambitious with a strong desire to be financially secure. However, it won’t spend time comprehending jargon and pitches. Instead, it seeks resonance and reliability. Customising their approach for young India should be a priority for BFSI & fintech brands. Strengthening their presence on platforms that young India frequently scrolls through is the first step. The next is to partner with edutainment influencers who know young India well. On Moj, BFSI & fintech brands can find the best of both (young India’s) worlds.

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