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Is your brand's short-form video strategy 2024 ready?

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India loves to scroll through short-form videos. Users spend an average of half an hour every day consuming and creating short-form videos to their heart's desire. Short-form video apps work as a window to the world, allowing users glimpses of the things they love and people they care about. At the same time, the apps offer users the tools and technology they need to express themselves. With the Indian short-form videos market poised to reach $12 Bn and the format commanding 7-10% of overall time spent on content, it's a phenomenally lucrative opportunity for brands.

However, brands have yet to tap into the full potential of short-form videos. Discussions during The ShareChat & Moj City Connects across Mumbai, Gurugram, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Kolkata reflected the same, with experts nudging marketers to experiment more. So here’s a meticulously crafted roadmap to success for marketers to ensure their short-form video strategy is ready for 2024.

Don't create short-form videos as an afterthought

Brands tend to think TVC-first and create short-form videos as slices of that video. The approach reduces the impact of the resulting short-form videos. Unlike repurposed TVCs, mobile-first short-form videos are optimised for vertical viewing. It makes them more immersive. Brands that adapt their storytelling techniques to mobile-first short-form videos enhance user experience and engagement, increasing content shares and organic reach.

Brands can also use short-form videos to enhance the scope of their TVCs. For example, Mountain Dew leveraged the best of Moj’s influencer network and ad innovations to create exclusive short-form video experiences that would delight consumers and increase the brand’s reach for the #DarrKeAageJeetHai campaign.

Have a language-first approach

A language-first approach allows for more personalised communication. It helps brands to break down barriers and establish meaningful connections, becoming a part of the everyday life of their consumers. It enhances brand relevance and demonstrates a commitment to inclusivity and understanding. Such a strategy can go a long way to elevate the overall customer experiences and foster organic engagement, brand loyalty and, eventually incremental growth in sales.

Leverage influencers for strategic communication

A short-form video strategy is incomplete without incorporating influencer activation. It’s like speaking into a void. Influencers know their audiences best. They are experts in creating content that would resonate with their audiences. By collaborating with influencers for strategic communication, brands benefit from these unparalleled insights and expertise. Brands also get access to the digital communities that rever influencers for their expertise, experiences and opinions. With their knack for striking a balance between promotion and authenticity, influencers play a crucial role in guiding brands toward content that resonates positively with audiences.

Experiment with styles, narratives and trends

Even seasoned experts can't predict audiences’ reactions to a brand’s short-form video. Brands must experiment with styles, narratives and trends to know what works for them. By continuously experimenting with short-form videos, brands can uncover the content that garners positive responses and give it the ability to adapt to rapidly evolving consumer preferences. Audiences will likely feel heard, leading to better engagement with the content.

Don't just ‘sell’ in short-form videos

Since short-form videos thrive on organic reach and engagement, being sales-centric in the communication could hurt a brand’s chances of creating authentic consumer relationships. Audiences like to consume relatable, entertaining, or informative content rather than overtly promotional content. To succeed with short-form videos, brands must focus on content that adds value to the consumers’ viewing experience.

With users dedicating substantial time to consume, create and engage with short-form videos, the format offers brands unparalleled visibility and engagement. Brands must up their game in sync with the expectations and needs of their consumers. Tap into the expertise and high-impact ad innovation of ShareChat & Moj to understand the nuances of short-form videos and drive high ROI for campaigns. Contact us today to get started!

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