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How To Craft A Custom Bharat Strategy For Your Jewellery Brand

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With a valuation of $78.50 bn in 2022, the industry is expected to reach $119.80 bn by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 8.34%[1]. Cultural factors play a crucial role in shaping customer perceptions and buying behaviour of consumers that are subconscious in nature. The jewellery market in India is one of the largest in the world. It carries great ethnic and spiritual value that is rooted in Indian tradition and culture[2]. Bharat, the 49% of urban active internet users who prefer consuming language-first content[3], displays its own sets of behaviour and traits, one being its high affluence.

Having over-indexed in NCCS A and B segments with 33% and 34% respectively, it displays great potential and willingness to spend on key categories such as clothing and accessories (61% users) as well as beauty and grooming (52% users)[4]. This opens up an avenue for jewellery brands to make inroads into this previously less explored consumer segment, and leverage Bharat’s regional and culture specific peculiarities in their communication and outreach strategies.

Crafting a Bharat-focused strategy on ShareChat for your jewellery brand

To connect with a language-first audience, ShareChat offers a gamut of unique customized ad formats and solutions for jewellery brands to incorporate in their campaigns.

1. Choosing the right strategy to engage with Bharat

Keeping Bharat’s diverse regional and cultural contexts in mind, jewellery brands aiming to develop a robust and holistic Bharat focussed marketing strategy must follow some basic thumb rules. This includes:

a) Language-focused approach

Bharat’s preference for Indic languages makes them more regionally and culturally nuanced and customisation of the brand message becomes a challenge. It is not enough to simply translate and transliterate; jewellery brands must integrate local nuances into their outreach strategies. ShareChat is the platform of choice for Bharat and jewellery brands can directly engage with this user base by collaborating with ShareChat.

b) Product focused approach

Product-focused ads add most value to Bharat users and jewellery brands can strike a chord by positioning their products to own user sentiments. Brands must develop campaigns that showcase their products, taking into account Bharat’s diverse display of region-specific behaviour and preferences.

c) Brand focused approach

Bharat users are highly loyal towards brands they prefer. The statistics also back this up as 110% Bharat users tend to stick to brands they like[5]. In addition to showcasing their jewellery range, brands can also leverage Bharat’s sentiments through strategically launching their campaigns and products around key festivities and seasons that Bharat loves to celebrate. By tapping into regional insights, jewellery brands can further identify and weave the regional peculiarities and cultural uniqueness into their communication. Such brand focused approach could significantly contribute towards building affinity among Bharat users for the brand.

2. Choosing the right ad format

It is vital for jewellery brands to choose the right ad format suited for Bharat audiences. Brands must take into consideration the various nuances of Bharat ranging across regional, cultural and language specificities. ShareChat’s ad solutions are designed keeping these nuances in mind and jewellery brands can leverage these formats to target Bharat consumers at different touch points in their purchase journey.

a) Ad formats to drive awareness

Jewellery brands can use ShareChat’s customised ad formats that are suited to drive user awareness in Bharat. These include:

  • Experiential Interstitial Ads: The ad format offers jewellery brands a 100% share of voice by showcasing their brand on the first ad that users see when they launch the app.
  • Multilingual Ads: An exclusive offering by ShareChat, allows brands to showcase products in a user’s native language. ShareChat’s language-first functionality allows for maximum outreach and awareness across 15 Indian languages that can be leveraged by jewellery brands in customising their message to reach Bharat.
  • Carousel Ads: This ad format enables the brand to create a set of grid images with various products, showcasing only those that the user would find interesting. Jewellery brands can use this ad format in their branding across desired regional target markets.

b) Ad format to drive consideration/engagement

ShareChat also provides ad formats for jewellery brands to drive user engagement through:

  • Interactive webcard ads that allow users to interact with the ad content, instead of passive consumption, and drives higher engagement. It can help jewellery brands drive incremental reach, within and outside ShareChat’s ecosystem, by enabling user interaction through a series or slideshow of audio and images.
  • Shareable content ads enable brands to leverage user intent and sentiments to share customised wishes and greetings in branded formats during festive or special occasions. Shareable ads can also be shared, within and outside ShareChat’s platform, allowing maximum reach for brands.
  • Native polls that allow users to share their preferences and build brand affinity. Jewellery brands can leverage native polls in their outreach campaigns to gain insight into their target users' sentiments and inclinations.

c) Ad format to drive intent/conversions

When it is time to make the final purchase decision, customised ads designed to generate maximum conversion are useful. Jewellery brands can customise ShareChat’s ad formats that are suited to drive brand recall and engage users by assisting them across various touchpoints in their purchase journey. These formats include:

  • First pinned post: Brands can help consumers along their journey to purchase through strategic positioning of their ad as the first post visible on the user’s feed.
  • Exit interstitial: Jewellery brands can drive top-of-mind brand recall among users with a full-screen ad displayed when users exit the platform.
  • Video ads – in-stream and native feed: Video ads have long been more successful than other traditional ad formats, by captivating the user’s attention with hard-to-ignore videos and redirecting them to the brand page, thereby generating leads.

Given Bharat’s preference for language-first content, jewellery brands need to identify and partner with language-first platforms that are engaging Bharat at scale. ShareChat and Moj have the largest user base of language-first users, with over 40 crore active users on the platform spending an average of 34 minutes daily. With access to the platform's multi-language functionality, jewellery brands can leverage ShareChat’s wide range of custom ad solutions that are suited to drive meaningful reach and connect with Bharat.

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