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How Can Bharat 2022 Help Accelerate The Automotive Sector’s Growth®

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In the last two years, most industries have witnessed a paradigm shift in consumption patterns. Some categories saw exponential growth while some declined significantly.

The automobile industry, too, is no different. The pandemic forced the category to become innovative in ways never seen before. Digital played a huge part in this journey. Most car manufacturers are turning to a ‘phygital’ strategy, a mix of physical and digital, given that this seems the way forward. This is demonstrated by consumers’s need go online for price comparisons, to understand features, and to weigh their options before making their purchase.

The need for for a language-first approach

The automotive industry is seeing a rise in sales and demand, with data showing that Tier 2 and Tier 3 such as Jaipur, Pune, Ahmedabad and Vadodara are in the top 20 cities that spurred the growth of car sales in the country. It’s evident that the Bharat consumer isn’t behind at all when it comes to buying vehicles. However, to be part of the consideration set of the vehicle buyer, it’s important to be where the consumer is – very evidently, in this case, beyond the metros.

It would be prudent for a robust media strategy to include an outreach plan that speaks to the audience in these cities. These audiences have an affinity to their regional languages, and a language-first approach would ensure better ROI for marketers.

ShareChat helps brands reach Bharat

ShareChat equips advertisers with the tools to place their product where the audience is, in their language. As Bharat’s preferred language-first social media platform, ShareChat’s content is available in more than 15 languages, and brands can speak to their consumers through various formats.

The platform’s wide gamut of ad formats enables brands to reach and engage with their customers throughout their purchase journeys. ShareChat has the option of First Pinned Posts, Native In-Feed Ads, Full-Screen Videos Ads and more. For instance, the First Pinned Posts place your ad at the very top of the page, grabbing attention and improving traction. The Native In-Feed Ads works well as a lead generation tool, offering user engagement and conversions as an outcome. Full-Screen Video Ads engage with users to assist them on buying journeys. They also offer impactful CTAs.

ShareChat offers advertisers the opportunity to be seen by over 34+ crore users on ShareChat and MOJ. As a brand custodian, this would mean more eyeballs for product offerings, higher engagement and valuable interactions.

Going beyond traditional marketing methods that rely largely on a single language, ShareChat allows brands to tap into the potential of Bharat, India beyond the English-speaking market. This is a huge chunk of the population that’s active on platforms like ShareChat, generating content, sharing posts and interacting with other users. For the automotive industry, this presents an opportunity to develop language-first campaigns, improve audience interactions and drive measurable conversions.

TVS Jupiter Scooters leveraged ShareChat to engage with millennials and Gen X in over eight Indian states. Its #ZyadaKaFayda campaign saw a CTR of 3% in just two weeks, making the association a successful one.

Honda Hornet’s collaboration with ShareChat, too, is another great example. The brand reached out to ShareChat to target the youth of Bharat and create brand awareness around the Honda Hornet 2.0 Repsol Bike. The campaign was launched pan India for three weeks and resulted in over 20 Lakh impressions and a 3% CTR.

All of ShareChat’s campaigns deliver engaging messages in a brand-safe environment without taking away the user experience. Tier 2 and 3 audiences and their evolving consumption preferences are increasingly making it vital for auto brands to develop comprehensive language-first strategies. And for these strategies to be marked as successes, brands need to meet consumers where they are, and in the languages they want to engage in.

To know how you can reach the untapped potential of Bharat, reach out to us today.

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