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How brands can leverage language-first storytelling with ShareChat & Moj to attract customers this festive season

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Indian festivals and culture are intrinsically linked to language. From the etymology to rituals and the ways of celebrations, each festival has a vocabulary of its own. Language and culture deepen the sense of community during festivals. With a language-first approach and a deep understanding of the cultural nuances, brands can become a part of these celebrations — and the lives of their consumers.

ShareChat and Moj are home to 325 Mn+ users. It’s where they create and consume content in their preferred languages. Brands can leverage ShareChat & Moj to drive language-first storytelling-led marketing campaigns across the funnel.

Keep cultural nuances at the heart of the campaign

Brands must study all aspects of the festival before creating a campaign. To do so effectively, brands can partner with people and experts who are well-versed in the cultural nuances or have lived experiences of the festival. Such an approach can help them create efficient and emotion-driven festive campaigns.

Creators enjoy unparalleled influence and authentic reach among dedicated digital communities, who love to consume their content and interact with them. On ShareChat and Moj, brands can tap into the robust influencer network to collaborate with language-first creators to promote their products or services and reach a wider audience and build trust among target audiences.

Brands can also take it further and create hyper-contextualised mobile-first ads in Indic languages with Studio Ads, the ultimate end-to-end ad solution. Such a strategy would allow brands to make the most of a creator’s influence, ShareChat & Moj’s deep insights into consumer behaviour and language-first capabilities.

Reach the right audience with brand messages & discounts

Creating the perfect ad campaign creative is one part of a successful campaign. The other is calculated packaging and dissemination. Brands must know what their audiences want and how they should package the communication around it to drive high resonance and acceptance for the products and offerings.

With ShareChat & Moj’s In-Feed Video Ads and Header Banners, brands can capture the imagination of their target audience with high-visibility and high-impact premium real estate on the platforms. Brands offering discounts and running festive sales can tap into Instant Pages to drive conversions. These native landing pages load 11x faster than standard web pages and support deep linking to the product pages on the brand’s website.

Turn your content into shareable wishes

Festivals bring out an inherent need in people to check up on their loved ones and wish them good health, wealth and luck. Brands can be a part of this communication by creating shareable wish posts that are attractive, emotional, engaging, customisable and in tune with the festive vibes of the season.

Branded Shares can help brands harness the power of interpersonal communication at scale. By creating good wishes-centric content, brands can become a part of festive celebrations. Tapping into hyper-personalisation at scale, brands can also enter one-on-one and group chats where people discuss discounts, products and previous experiences with brands and sales.

Contact us today to get started on an unparalleled festive strategy for the season.

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