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Driving Success With Short-Form Videos: Media & Entertainment Edition

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This January, the world woke up to the thumping beats of RRR’s Naatu Naatu. It became the first Indian song to win the Golden Globes for Best Original Song. The Telugu song won big on the world stage, creating just as much buzz among young India. The song was so catchy and in tune with the cultural nuances back home that it compelled fans on Moj to create and share content around it.

On Moj, #NaatuNaatu has close to 400 Mn plays with thousands of videos of people dancing to the tunes. The song had all the components that drive the success of short-form videos — celebrities, an intriguing hook step and music that makes you want to dance. Further, Moj’s robust in-app capabilities and incredibly easy-to-use interface made it easier for young India to participate in the trend.

Tuning into young India’s love for entertainment

Young India loves to cheer for new releases and is eager to create and consume content around its various aspects. It creates a space for media & entertainment brands to leverage the presence of their artists and popular creators on the platform and build direct connections with their fans. With deep insights into the likes and dislikes of their audiences, the artists and creators are able to effectively create winning, entertaining content for the brands.

Fans use these tunes, dialogues, moves and more to create short-form videos, shaping popular trends and adding to the hype around the offerings of media & entertainment brands. Young India mimics scenes, lip-syncs dialogues, dances to the tunes and re-creates iconic looks to its heart’s content.

Young India is passionately partial to regional content. It goes back to young India’s affinity for entertainment in preferred Indic languages. The resonance is higher and cultural nuances hit closer home. The inherent relatability makes it easier for young India to create and consume content in preferred Indic languages. It increases the volume of content and the scope of engagement it garners.

With increasing interactions centred around entertainment, opportunities for media and entertainment brands are also on the rise. Brands can make the most of young India’s desires and determination for self-expression by reaching them where they are and tapping into the best of Moj.

Leveraging the stardom of cast & crew

Hashtag Challenge is an excellent way for media and entertainment brands to increase visibility and build top-of-mind recall on Moj. Using this ad format, brands can entertain and engage young India. It can help them facilitate topical moments that fuel user-generated content with ease.

Brands can club a Hashtag Challenge with a Lens to add depth and narrative to the campaign. Further, an Influencer Activation can help the brand amplify the campaign multifold.Media and entertainment brands can use this dynamic trio to level up campaigns featuring their star cast and crew.

The strategy works best before the release of a new movie or show. Once the challenge is on, young India is quick to participate enthusiastically, ensuring further amplification of the campaign.

Elevating live entertainment for audiences

With 1.5 Mn Daily Active Users, Moj Live Stream offers celebrities a chance to interact with their fans in real time. 15 K influencers use it to host live sessions, embed brand communication and drive authentic real-time user engagement on Moj.

Moj Live Stream can facilitate conversations about popular movies, shows, songs, characters and more. Media and entertainment brands can use the feature to engage young India with conversational storytelling in its preferred Indic languages. Brands can use it to facilitate and support fan clubs and promote their new offerings.

Amplifying promotional content & assets

In addition to creating and running short-form video-centric campaigns, media and entertainment brands can also share other promotional assets on Moj.

In-feed Video Ads are full-screen interstitial videos that take over the mobile screen to create an immersive branded experience, helping brands tell their stories loud. Brands can also opt to boost existing branded influencer videos with Spark Ads, further increasing the engagement rate for that content.

These ad formats allow media and entertainment brands to amplify campaigns and increase visibility and top-of-mind recall. The brands can release movie trailers, song releases and dialogue teasers in such formats. During the promotional stages, the brands can also use this space to run ads featuring the artists, inviting audiences to experience the new release.

The diversity of languages spoken in the country, cinematic offerings of regional industries and the phenomenal fan following of artists fuel young India’s desire for content creation and consumption.

Tapping into Moj’s creator network, massive reach across the country, quick amplification, precise targeting capabilities and an in-depth understanding of young India’s preferences can help media and entertainment brands to build stronger resonance among their target audiences. It will allow them to create ripples and achieve unparalleled success — much like RRR’s Natu Natu.

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