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Deep dive into how brands can make the most of ShareChat Branded Shares

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Over 2 Bn Shares to WhatsApp happen every month on ShareChat. Each of these Shares, on average, reaches about 25 contacts per user. These Shares are unmissable because they get delivered as regular WhatsApp messages between people who know and trust each other. Sharing content this way is an excellent tool for Bharat to kickstart conversations on topics that matter and share everyday nuggets of information and humour. Brands can tap into Bharat’s affinity to share relatable content by leveraging ShareChat Branded Shares.

What are ShareChat Branded Shares?

ShareChat Branded Shares harness the power of interpersonal communication at scale, allowing the hyper-personalisation of brand messaging. Powered by deep linking on WhatsApp, users can consume ShareChat Branded Shares within the instant messaging app as they would any other forwarded photo and share it further. Users also have the option to directly share a ShareChat video as their WhatsApp status, significantly adding to the brand’s visibility.

How can brands make the most of ShareChat Branded Shares?

With a ShareChat Branded Shares-led strategy, brands can leverage Bharat’s preferred way of interpersonal communication. By creating content in multiple Indic languages, brands can enter one-on-one and group chats where Bharat wishes for discounts, discusses products it wants to buy and previous experiences with brands and sales. A good word in such conversations can go a long way for a brand to make incremental profits.

Brands can run Static/GIF ads and Ad Videos before and after the Content Share, maximising their chance to achieve high-impact visibility. ShareChat Branded Shares allow L1 tracking via external trackers, facilitating brands to know how the content (and conversation around the brand) is moving from ShareChat to WhatsApp.

Potential use case scenarios of ShareChat Branded Shares include:

  • During a sale, brands can nudge Bharat to share posts about their favourite brands and products with their friends and families to take their opinion and further the discussion on what to add to the cart.
  • Before a festive season, brands can enter Bharat’s pre-purchase conversations with content that speaks to the target audience’s aspirations.
  • Brands can create how-to videos of their new launches for Bharat to share with their loved ones as an asset while discussing big-ticket purchases.

ShareChat Branded Shares allow brands to execute high-visibility, high-impact campaigns successfully. Contact us today to learn how your brand can leverage ShareChat Branded Shares to reach Bharat effectively.

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