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How can consumer durables brands influence the purchases of Bharat and young India this summer?

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Known as heavy investors in the traditional media space, consumer durables brands are among the top spenders* across media in India. However, the sector contributes to only about 8% of digital ad spends*. It’s been a slow and gradual process, with consumer durable brands still a bit hesitant to shift their focus and ad spends to digital. The dominance of social media as Bharat's primary channel for discovering e-commerce offers a compelling opportunity for consumer durables brands to reallocate their ad spends. With short-form videos influencing purchase decisions for 60% of young India and 33% of Bharat falling under the NCCS A category, there exists a lucrative market of potential consumers with a propensity to spend on consumer durables.

While perfecting the outreach campaign for Bharat & young India, the brands must take an Indic language-first approach while leveraging short-form videos. Such a strategy will help consumer durables brands increase awareness, top-of-mind recall, brand loyalty, advocacy and sales.

Offers and discounts influence the purchase decisions of 54% of young India. It is one of the top influencing factors for Bharat too. Brands can strengthen their interactive awareness campaigns with short-form videos while offering discounts and incentives to attract consumers. By doing so, brands can smoothen the user’s buying journey from consideration to purchase.

Leveraging the ShareChat & Moj advantage

With over 400 Mn monthly active users, ShareChat & Moj form the third largest digital ecosystem in India. It has a stronghold among the diverse userbase in the country that loves to create and consume content in preferred Indic languages. With deep insights into and understanding of these creation and consumption patterns, ShareChat & Moj are perfect platforms for consumer durables brands to execute their Indic language-first and short-form video-led campaigns for high impact, visibility and engagement. Here are some ways in which consumer durables brands can leverage ShareChat and Moj to hit their ROI targets easily.

Maximise awareness and engagement with Studio Ads

An end-to-end solution, ShareChat Studio Ads allows brands to create hyper-contextualised ads in Indic languages. These ads can drive 3x higher engagement, making them the go-to option for consumer durables brands looking to leverage mobile-first native content to reach Bharat and young India. Since Studio Ads are created by specialised ShareChat teams with access to over 22 studios across India, the level of customisation offered is unparalleled.

A brand selling high-energy-saving appliances can use Studio Ads to maximise awareness about the new technology among potential customers. Created in sync with the brand’s goals, these ads deliver the message with higher authenticity and relatability, adding to the overall impact and success of the campaign.

Amplify campaigns with Top View Ads and In-feed Video Ads

While Top View Ads offer brands the opportunity to take over the screen when a user opens the app, In-feed Video Ads are full-screen interstitial videos that can be used to create an immersive branded experience. Both ad formats offer brands high visibility and have immense potential to drive engagement. The ads can be tailored for specific geographies and demographics as per the campaign requirements.

While crafting a high-visibility campaign for a newly-launched appliance, the brand can use Top View Ads and In-feed Video Ads to go all out with promotions. The brand can couple the efforts with geographical and demographical targeting to make the campaign more impactful.

Offer discounts with Interactive Webcards

ShareChat’s Interactive Webcards allow brands to engage users with multi-screen experiences, redirecting the user to the brand page. These ads are an excellent tool for brands to offer potential customers discounts and incentives, nudging them to buy the product or at least get more information about it.

To announce discounts and attract the attention of potential customers, consumer durables brands can run spin-the-wheel or pick-an-option contests via Interactive Webcards. The ad format would allow them to engage audiences effectively and direct them to the landing page at the end of the experience.

Looking to attract potential customers towards your products this summer? Leverage an extensive list of mobile-first ad formats to reach Bharat & young India, stand out with your unique brand messaging. Tap into the best of ShareChat & Moj to get started today.

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