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Bharat: A Perfect Arena For Gaming Brands

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The number of internet users in India who prefer to consume content in Indic languages has been on a growth trajectory. Collectively referred to as Bharat, this user-base constitutes 49% of the urban active internet users. The massive scale of Bharat’s online presence, along with its love for gaming, makes it a segment worthy of attention from the gaming industry.

However, tapping into Bharat’s potential is challenging because of its regional, linguistic, cultural and behavioural diversities.

ShareChat’s latest report, Bharat - The Neo India, is a must-read for marketers looking at tapping the full potential of Bharat. Here are the key findings of the report:

1. Bharat is educated, affluent and likes to spend on gadgets

Compared to overall internet users*, whose representation is 30% in NCCS A and 33% in NCCS B segment, Bharat, or Indic language internet users*, is over-indexed with 33% and 34% representation respectively. At 39%, Bharat is also over-indexed in higher education compared to overall internet users*.

Gadgets significantly influence the gaming industry by aiding accessibility to games.Data shows that Bharat’s liking for purchasing gadgets is growing exponentially – 46% of Bharat bought gadgets online in 2021, up from 37% in 2020*.

2. Gaming delivers a high score in Bharat

From strategizing in virtual board games to making its way through the action-packed narratives of multiplayer online games, Bharat loves to spend its time in gaming. At 33%, gaming apps rank among Bharat’s top six most engaging app categories.

It is generally assumed that India (social media users who prefer English as their main language), must be more interested in gaming compared to Bharat. However, data dispels this myth as it is Bharat (35%) that shows a greater affinity towards games compared to India (32%)*.

3. Bharat is home to gamers

While love for online games is spread across Bharat, a few regions incline more towards gaming more than the rest. Bharat from South India shows a higher affinity towards playing online games, at 31%. A closer look at the region reveals that Karnataka (34%) and Tamil Nadu (31%) occupy the top two spots in playing games*.

While it is expected that Males will have higher affinity to gaming, data shows that a significant 28% of females are also engaging with online video games.

Acing the Bharat game

Bharat exhibits a growing online presence, a propensity to spend on gadgets and a strong affinity towards playing games. The gaming industry must move at a fast pace to connect with Bharat and address its needs by providing new-age games that deliver a wholesome immersive experience. Social media platforms that offer an Indic language ecosystem have found a ready acceptance from Bharat. Gaming firms must devise their Bharat-centric strategies through these platforms to drive growth within Bharat.

Download Bharat - The Neo India report to learn more about who Bharat is, how it behaves and debunk some of the common myths.

Data Source:

Kantar NICS 2021

YouGov Study for ShareChat, Dec 2021

* Active urban internet users

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