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3 Ways Beauty & Cosmetics Brands Can Leverage ShareChat’s Impactful Ad Solutions

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Bharat, denoted as 49% of the urban active internet users, prefer consuming language-first content online. Contrary to popular belief, Bharat is highly affluent, having over-indexed in NCCS A and B segments, at 33% and 34% respectively. This displays Bharat’s willingness to spend on key categories such as travel, food, gadgets and beauty and skincare. Gaining insight into Bharat’s online behaviour and consumption patterns offers brands the perfect opportunity to develop effective strategies to reach and engage with this user base.

Bharat users show a marked preference for lifestyle and beauty products-related content on ShareChat’s platform. For the 6.5 Cr active female Bharat users, beauty and fashion is the most consumed content type on the platform.

ShareChat’s Fashion Corner is the most preferred content category, garnering over 1.4 Bn monthly views and more than 5.2 Cr engagements. Moreover, users share over 1.4 Cr pieces of content from this category every month, opening up an opportunity for beauty and cosmetics brands to explore the untapped potential of Bharat.

ShareChat offers innovative ad solutions and formats, aimed at targeting various stages of the buyer’s journey. Beauty and cosmetics brands can leverage these ad formats to develop impactful campaigns and drive meaningful engagement with Bharat. Here are a few ways in which beauty and cosmetics brands can target Bharat users across their buying journey:

1. Ad formats to build awareness

To drive impact and awareness at scale, beauty and cosmetics brands can leverage ShareChat’s branded hashtag ad formats to establish native first branded and UGC conversations.

Beauty and cosmetics brands can utilize branded tags and UGC tags to create awareness among ShareChat’s users of their brand and products. These tags are used to discover, curate and exchange information under a particular category on ShareChat’s platform.

While branded tags are created and managed by the brand directly, UGC tags are user-created tags which brands can leverage to promote their products.

What makes Branded and UGC Hashtag ad formats effective?

Beauty and cosmetics brands can leverage ShareChat’s highly effective hashtag ad formats to reach Bharat. The ad format enables beauty and cosmetics brands to:

  • Engage and connect with over 70 Lakh female users daily on ShareChat’s platform
  • Own real estate on the platform, which they can then manage themselves
  • Collect and group related content into relevant categories, allowing users to discover beauty and cosmetics products based on their interests and affinity
  • Place the right branded content series under relevant tags, guiding users to explore all solutions under one umbrella
How beauty and cosmetics brands have leveraged ShareChat’s Hashtag ad format

SUGAR Cosmetics collaborated with Moj to launch an engagement campaign using the branded hashtag challenge #GetReadyWithSUGAR. In addition, Moj also engaged its users by designing a fun and interactive Makeup Lens Challenge to help boost SUGAR’s brand salience. The campaign performed exceedingly well in all areas, garnering 1.6 crore external shares, 580 crore overall views, 4.62 Lakh UGC creations and 2.22 crore in engagement (through likes, comments and shares). Read the full success story here.

2. Ad formats to drive engagement

Creator ads are exclusive video ads created and promoted by ShareChat in the native languages of its users. Aimed at decoding the mindset of regional users, this ad format can be leveraged by beauty and cosmetics brands to align their brand message with relevant regional interests.

What makes Creator ad formats effective?

As a highly relatable and engaging format, creator ads drive deep resonance and engagement among non-metro city users. The ad format can be highly effective for beauty and cosmetics brands to:

  • Generate over 3 times higher engagement in comparison to traditional PGC brand content
  • Collaborate with language-first creators and micro-influencers who resonate better with regional audiences
  • Upload ads from the brand handle and also on the creator’s Sharechat profile for higher visibility
How beauty and cosmetics brands have leveraged ShareChat’s Creator ad format

Godrej Expert Rich Crème wanted to widen its market penetration using digital channels, particularly among Bengali-speaking audiences. For its Durga Pujo campaign, the brand leveraged creator ads on ShareChat. Creator ads in Bengali ensured contextual message delivery through informative videos regarding hair colouring. With more than 60 Lakh impressions, the brand successfully utilised the Indic language social media environment and increased its awareness within Bharat. Read the full success story here.

3. Ad formats to drive conversion

ShareChat’s Interactive Webcards are ad formats that allow users to engage with the brand’s ad post through a multiscreen experience. The ad format allows beauty and cosmetics brands to firmly establish their brand’s message and drive quick conversion among users.

What makes Interactive Webcard ad formats effective?

Interactive Webcards are one of the most effective solutions that help brands capture the user’s purchase intent through interaction. The ad format helps beauty and cosmetics brands to:

  • Drive higher user engagement compared to other standard ad formats
  • Contextualise and target regional and language-first audiences
  • Customise and adapt the brand’s communication across 10+ languages
How beauty and cosmetics brands have leveraged ShareChat’s Interactive Webcard ad format

Vivel wanted to break the stereotypes around using body wash products such as they are time-consuming, need too much water, and require a loofah. The brand leveraged Interactive Webcards to address the misconception. Interactive Webcards were instrumental in driving engagement and delivering better view-through rates. The campaign achieved its desired objectives with more than 80K impressions on Interactive Webcards and an impressive view-through rate (VTR) of 69.7%. Read the full success story here.

ShareChat’s gamut of ad solutions not only helps to generate brand awareness but also improves brand recall and engagement. Beauty and cosmetics brands can effectively leverage ShareChat’s unique and impactful ad formats in their brand’s communication and marketing outreach to engage with Bharat.

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