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Wild Stone Legend on ShareChat & Moj

Launching high-impact awareness campaigns for Wild Stone's new deodorant range-Legend.

Campaign Objective

Wild Stone, a popular perfume and deodorant brand for men, wanted to promote its new deodorant range - Legend. The brand wanted to launch a high-impact campaign to drive awareness about the product among its core target audience of young male consumers.

About The Brand

Wild Stone is a men’s grooming brand, specialising in perfumes and deodorants. Launched in 2005, the brand has gained popularity among male consumers and paved the way for every Indian male to discover the world of grooming. Since its inception, the brand has released a range of grooming products for men, ranging from perfumes, body sprays, deodorants, soaps, talcum and shaving essentials.

Brand's Ask

Wild Stone wanted to promote and create a buzz around their latest range of deodorant, Legend, among its core target audience of young male consumers. To create high-resonance, the brand leveraged a multilingual campaign. Wild Stone partnered with Moj and ShareChat for a versatile promotion campaign to fulfil its objectives through: - An engaging influencer-led campaign on Moj. - A high-impact awareness campaign on ShareChat.

Our Solution

Influencer campaign on Moj Moj planned and executed an influencer-led campaign by collaborating with seven online influencers. The campaign was rolled out in four indic languages - Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Bengali on the video-sharing social networking platform. Weighing in on the perception of boys skipping showers on winter mornings, Moj’s influencer campaign was conceptualised to promote the world’s quickest showers using Wild Stone’s Legend. The campaign was a huge success and ran for a period of two weeks, striking a chord among the targeted group of young male consumers. High-impact awareness campaign on ShareChat The Indic language-specific awareness campaign on ShareChat was high on impact, targeting male consumers across west, north and eastern states of India. To create awareness at scale, the brand leveraged ShareChat’s dynamic ad solutions such as in-stream ads, interactive banners and creator videos. The campaign was a success, running actively for a period of 4 weeks on ShareChat.


Brand Achievement

Wild Stone was able to create awareness at scale about its new range of deodorant, Legend, in its core target group of young males. ShareChat and Moj enabled the brand to capture its potential customers’ attention through a multilingual campaign that leveraged interactive and engaging ad formats.

Words of Praise

We found a perfect combination of targeting, ad formats and innovative, creative solutions in Moj and ShareChat. Being able to craft communication in the Indic language of our audience enabled us to increase our engagement and traction. The influencer campaign enabled us to get closer to our customers, in terms of brand association. With ShareChat, we got a wide range of ad formats that ensured high visibility and traction. Campaign metrics are a testament to the success. Be it reach, view-throughs or clicks, the campaign delivered on all our target marketing metrics. Ankit Daga, Business Head, McNROE Consumer Products Pvt Ltd

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