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Nivea x Moj

Nivea generated 935 Crore views for #NiveaFreshBatchHunt, the branded IP amplification with Moj

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About the Brand

NIVEA is one of the world's largest skincare brands with over 50 products available in 173 countries worldwide. With over 130 years of experience, Nivea is well-attuned to the skincare needs of its consumers.

Brand’s Objective

Nivea wanted to plan the #NiveaFreshBatchHunt for their Nivea Soft cream, the first ever end-to-end branded IP amplification Pan India. They planned to drive UGC participation for Nivea Soft Fresh Batch Edition 2 - Biggest Digital influencer talent hunt in India can add to find the most influential female.

Brand’s Ask

Nivea wanted to leverage Moj’s status as the number one short-form video platform and use their mass reach and wide presence across India to amplify regional participation in their largest digital influencer talent hunt and generate brand awareness for the Nivea Soft cream. They planned to use Moj’s innovative marketing solutions to maximise user-generated content across 7 languages.

Our Solutions

The second edition of Nivea's Digital Influencer Talent Hunt was designed by Moj as a one-stop destination for budding female content creators. The launch of the first-ever Digital Influencer Talent Hunt leveraged an impressive mix of influential females in 7 different languages across PAN India. The campaign was bifurcated into two phases: Audition & Sub-Challenges. Moj announced INR 1 lakh worth of cash prizes for each sub-challenge to encourage female participation further. In conjunction with the hunt launch, a top view was done on Moj to create buzz & excitement about the new association. And a parent hashtag challenge #NiveaFreshBatchHunt was launched to drive recall. The campaign was an astounding success and saw wide participation from people from all walks of life.


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