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Encouraging User Generated Content with Branded Hashtag Campaigns.

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Campaign Objective

To generate awareness on Kurkure’s new super-spicy flavours. The goal was to ensure digital and social visibility of the brand to boost product sales.

About the Brand

Kurkure is a brand of corn puffs, produced and developed by PepsiCo India. The brand was launched in the year 1999 as Leher Kurkure. A product designed to ignite the Indian taste buds, Kurkure has won the hearts of many Indians and has become a go-to snack for families across the country. Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar, was chosen as the brand ambassador for their new flavours.

Brand's Ask

Awareness and recognition of the new flavours with impressive market penetration and social outreach. Kurkure wanted to reinforce the digital and social brand presence of the new flavors once the product hits the shelves. As a snack that appeals to all Indians across tiers and age groups, Kurkure wanted a campaign that would appeal to all their target groups. Their primary market was North and East India

Our Solution

The Campaign was created for the brand in Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, and Odia, with an aim to connect and influence the audience. Our solution had two components: Video-based Ads with Akshay Kumar, which were widely distributed on our app, and the Branded Hashtag Campaign, #BAAPREBAAP. The spiciness of the product made it unique, hence the campaign #BAAPREBAAP synchronized well with the product. The branded hashtag challenge encouraged users to create content with the Kurkure sticker. We created an overall solution to connect the Brand Kurkure to their audience by encouraging user generated content in vernacular languages.


Brand Achievement

The branded hashtag campaign proved to be a massive hit in the ShareChat community as we achieved 5000+ user generated content and in-app postings. The branded hashtag challenge helped the brand create an influential outreach and generated brand loyalty among users.

Words of Praise

While the mass media did a brilliant job of campaign awareness, Sharechat played a very crucial role of building consumer engagement for 2 new flavours of Kurkure. We got a tremendous response with over 5000+ UGC. Vernacular feature of ShareChat helped Kurkure engage with the audience in their own native language and thus drove strong affinity for the brand. Avinash Choudhary Senior Brand Manager, Kurkure

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