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Khiladi Adda X ShareChat Self-Serve Ads Platform

How Khiladi Adda reduced its Cost-Per-Registration (CPR) rate by 30% through ShareChat’s self-serve ads platform

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Campaign Objective

Khiladi Adda wanted to launch an engaging campaign to promote mobile gaming as a 'fun and earn' activity. The brand wanted to leverage language-first communication for brand awareness among Tier-2 and Tier-3 city audiences.

About the Brand

With over 22 Lakh registered users, Khiladi Adda is an established and popular Micro eSports Tournament and Social Gaming platform in India. With a new gamer registration every 16 seconds, it caters to about 3,00,000+ loyal monthly active mobile gamers.

Brand's Ask

ShareChat offers a self-serve advertising platform that empowers advertisers with full autonomy and control over their campaign strategy to reach 40 crore+ users across ShareChat and Moj. The platform offers advertisers the flexibility of end-to-end campaign execution in just a couple of clicks with access to ShareChat’s advertising tools. Khiladi Adda collaborated with ShareChat's self-serve ads platform to leverage its language-first advantage and large consumer base that overlapped with its target groups. The brand also wanted to leverage unique ad solutions made available by ShareChat Ads to craft a strategy that would help them achieve their goals.

Our Solution

Through ShareChat's self-serve ads platform, advertisers get access to a gamut of simplified marketing solutions that enables in: -Picking the right campaign goal -Selecting the Ad Format best suited for the brand’s desired audience -Connecting with audiences in multiple Indic language -Tapping potential buyers with accurate targeting -Choosing the frequency and schedule to scale the campaigns with budget changes -Analysing and monitoring campaign spends to effectively optimise the performance Khiladi Adda began publicising on ShareChat Ads in Hindi and Marathi. By leveraging Banner advertising, the brand benefitted from premium real estate on the platform. This visibility was coupled with coupon codes to offer full-funnel conversion to the brand, nudging users to try and experience the innovations of Khiladi Adda.


Words of Praise

ShareChat Ads contributed significantly to tapping the untapped market and targeting the prospective customers in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Our main aim was Brand Awareness and their vernacular ads' option enabled us to communicate in the native language to users & establish trust that led to customer acquisitions as well. Siddharth Srivastava Co-founder, Director and CMO Khiladi Adda

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With ShareChat Ads, you can expect higher engagement levels for targeted campaigns. The wealth of psychographic information provided by our AI-Powered platform offers unparalleled targeting capabilities. We ensure that your ads are made visible to your target audience, thereby, giving you the highest ROI (return on investment).

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