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Campaign Objective

Stepping-up their game in the budget smartphone category in India, Infinix had a new product launch lined up - the Infinix Smartphone Plus. The goal was to promote the device across all tiers of India.

About the Brand

The brand launched its smartphones in India to target the millennials. Dealing in budget smartphones that are packed with features and remarkable battery life, Infinix phones are designed keeping in mind the product requirements of the South Asian demographics.

Brand's Ask

The brand wanted to launch its new smartphone- Infinix Smartphone Plus. Infinix had set their eyes on millennials and Gen-Z to attract them with their extended battery life feature that would last for over 24 hours on a single charge. They wanted to push this feature as their sole USP during the launch phase. Their target audience was Male, between the age groups of 18-34, with a pan Indian market reach.

Our Solution

The grand launch commenced with Roadblock Ads that targeted the male population on ShareChat. This helped in creating a mesmerizing visual impact of the brand in the mind of users and created awareness around their new product. This was followed by native feed ads that ran for 4 consecutive days to generate brand recall. Post this, a Branded Hashtag Challenge was initiated as well. This challenge included various users creating engaging content about the phone and expressing their views about its key features, thus leading to brand awareness and trust building among users.


Brand Achievement

The team of ShareChat overachieved on brand visibility target, thus surpassing all expectations set by Infinix. The campaign was designed for a 360-degree outreach, ensuring social customer interaction with the right users at various levels. The Branded Hashtag campaign turned out to be a real stealer, giving the brand some amazing user generated content from the ShareChat Community.

Words of Praise

Launching during the lockdown period, challenge was to adapt our marketing efforts to the new normal and leverage the amplified stickiness of the stay-at-home consumers for the online channel. With smartphone being at the center of everything (online classes, online fitness, online entertainment), there was definitely a rise in demand for a big battery/screen phone, however, task was to identify the right channels during that period to effectively communicate the product’s relevance. ShareChat has proved to be pivotal partner in cascading the brand promise to its right audience in the most engaging way which was the need of hour during COVID times. Brand was able to create conversations and great engagement among the users in their I, Me, Myself space. A good surge was seen on trends and high intent traffic came in which helped in achieving campaign objective. Manoj Verma Head of Digital, Infinix mobile

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